November 30, 2023

Bieber Followers Get Rowdy at Free Concerts

Justin Bieber is making spur of the moment appearances in cities across the globe. His presence brought chaos to the streets of Mexico City recently as the young followers decorated in purple and white braved up to two nights on the roach covered sidewalks just for a chance to get a glimpse of  the stage that would host teenage superstar Justin Bieber as he put on a free concert Monday afternoon in the capital city’s large central plaza.

Countless adolescents made up of males and females, some as young as 10 years of age, traveled hundreds of miles to camp along the streets that surrounded the plaza.  Lots of the kids had parents that accompanied them, many of which had to take time off from work helping their children skip a day of school just to be part of the crowd that was expected to draw more than 200,000. 

Reporter noted that the first person in line, Frida Coss, just happened to be the seventeen year old president of the Official Justin Bieber Fan Club of Mexico City who revealed that she was saving places for other club members expected to arrive from all over the country. Frida made it to her spot on Friday, accompanied by her mother, Elizabeth Noriegas, who is proud of her daughter’s devotion.

A teen by the name of Leslie Bio, who was wearing the same purple that most everybody else had on, said Justin teaches people not to give up on their dreams.  Leslie, now 13 years old, her mother, and three of her friends had made a 14 hour trip on a bus from the state of Sinaloa to make sure they got to enjoy the Bieber performance of what, three or four songs.  You’ve got to be kidding me!

Just a couple blocks away from where Bieber fans danced in the streets, more fans chatted and you could hear the chanting, “Justin! Justin!” in the distance, although the city was in political turmoil.

There were also thousands of other people who filled the streets with chants of their own as protesters marched near the plaza Zocalo where Bieber is to perform. They were protesting their opposition to the possible return of Mexico’s old leaders who were to hold a debate on giant open screens around the plaza. The biggest challenge for the campers were the droves of repulsive cockroaches that crawl there at night as they bedded down in sleeping bags. Now those are some dedicated fans!

These kids must be crazy. Would you actually lay on sidewalks where cockroaches crawl at night just to hear a few songs by Justin Bieber?  These free concerts that Bieber is performing are mini-concerts just to kick up his fan base…a marketing tactic.  He only performs 2 to 4 songs and he’s done. Are parents that dense that they would spend the money and time to travel hundreds of miles just for that? Unbelievable!

Justin is continuing his string of appearances as he is scheduled for a free concert in New York City next week.  Wonder how the cockroaches are there?

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