December 1, 2023
Biden launches first anti-Trump ad, attacking Trump’s labor record ahead of Michigan trip


President Joe Biden’s campaign has come out with a new ad criticizing Donald Trump’s record with autoworkers ahead of Trump’s visit to the battleground state of Michigan, underscoring how the working class will fare in the upcoming presidential election. How important will voters be as the country prepares for a possible possibility? Trump-Biden rematch in 2024.

The 30-second ad is the campaign’s first ad to directly attack Trump, the front-runner in the GOP presidential primary race, and will air exclusively in Michigan as well as nationally on cable networks.

The ad, titled “Delivers”, features photos of Trump golfing, while a narrator claims the former president “delivered tax breaks to his rich friends while auto makers closed their plants and Michigan shut down manufacturing.” Lost jobs.”

“Manufacturing is coming back to Michigan because Joe Biden doesn’t just talk, he walks the talk.”

The ad is being released a day after Biden joined a picket line of autoworkers in Michigan on Tuesday, in a historic moment that offers a preview of next year’s election that will test the president’s long-term commitment to a worker-centered economy. Demonstrates commitment. The ad is also being released ahead of Trump’s visit to the battleground state to deliver a prime-time speech, which will serve as counterprogramming to the second GOP presidential debate.

It will also run on Fox Business before Wednesday’s debate.

The ad is part of a $25 million television and digital ad campaign across battleground states, which was first reported by CNN last month.

The ads attempt to highlight the impact of the President’s legislative accomplishments, including the Inflation Reduction Act, bipartisan infrastructure legislation, the Chips and Science Act and the American Rescue Plan, initially lauding progress made following the COVID-19 pandemic. Has been done. economy.

Biden has sought to frame his campaign as a fight against Republican extremism. His launch video criticized “MAGA extremism” in an effort to highlight Trump’s hold on the Republican Party.

Biden’s ad will run on broadcast and cable television in the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, officials said.

The campaign is also advertising in Hispanic and African American media in each of these states – as well as conducting a targeted buy to reach Hispanic voters in Florida – as they look to woo key voting blocks on their side ahead of the 2024 election. Want to do. A campaign official says this represents the largest and earliest re-election campaign buy ever in Hispanic and African American media outlets, as well as the largest overall buy for re-election at this point in the cycle. Also represents.

Kevin Munoz, spokesman for the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign, said, “More empty promises in Michigan or anywhere else cannot erase Donald Trump’s gross failures and broken promises to America’s workers.” “He cannot hide his anti-labor, anti-jobs record from the countless American workers he has let down. This election will be a choice between being a real advocate for working Americans and rehashing billionaire Donald Trump’s broken promises for the middle class.

Biden is increasingly moving beyond the Republican primaries to focus on Trump as his opponent in 2024, including comments behind closed doors to donors. In the past week, he accused Trump of trying to destroy democracy in fundraising comments, a sentiment he is expected to make public in the coming days.


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