April 19, 2024
Ben & Jerry's Israel to build new £30 million plant and visitor center in Israel

(JNS) Ben & Jerry’s Israel will build a £30.5 million (130 million-shekel) factory in a new industrial zone in the southern Israeli city of Kiryat Gat.

The ice cream maker will relocate 200 of its employees in the southern region to a 5-acre (20-dunam) plant, scheduled to open in 2026, Globes reported Tuesday. It will replace a smaller manufacturing site at Beer Tuvia, near Kiryat Malachi and about 12 miles north of Kiryat Gat, which is 2.5 acres (10 dunams) in size.

More workers will be hired to handle the expanded production lines at the Kiryat Gat plant, which will include a visitor center, a flagship store, and a logistics center.

“We have been leasing the factory in Kiryat Malachi for 12 years and over the past few years we have been looking for a new location suitable for our needs with options for significant expansion. One of our bottlenecks today is the warehouse area. As we grow, we are forced to use external warehouses to store our inventory,” Avi Zinger, CEO and owner of Ben & Jerry’s Israel, told the Israeli business news site.

“We will bring significant innovation to the food sector and increase our market share,” Zinger pledged. Ben & Jerry’s currently claims 50 percent family ice cream package market share in Israel. The company plans to expand into other products including frozen desserts and ice cream cones.

This represents another win for Kiryat Gat, following the December announcement that Intel is investing $25 billion in an Israeli manufacturing facility there. The new Fab 38 factory is expected to begin operation in 2028 and remain in operation until at least 2035. Intel already operates a Fab 28 plant in the city.

Ben & Jerry’s Israel is separate from the US firm of the same name and its move is not related to US Ben & Jerry’s decision in July 2021 to stop selling ice cream in Israeli territory along the 1949 armistice lines (“Green Line”). Was done. , The Israeli company fought against the boycott when it was announced. In June 2022, Ben & Jerry’s parent company, British multinational food giant Unilever, announced that it had sold American Quality products to its Ben & Jerry’s division in Israel.

In December, the chairwoman of Ben & Jerry’s board appeared to support Hamas terrorists, who massacred 1,200 people in southern Israel on October 7.

“Resistance is justified when the people are occupied!” Anuradha Mittal wrote on social media. He tagged the post with “Free Palestine” and “Ceasefire Now.”

Zinger said the Americans want to tour the factory in Israel because they are upset by the Vermont company’s decision to boycott settlements in the West Bank.

“After all the uproar, and the support we got from American communities, it became a milestone for his visit to Israel,” he said.

Source: www.thejc.com

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