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Bang Olufsen’s CEO has held top roles at BlackBerry, Ericsson and Logitech – here’s the #1 thing he looks for before accepting a job offer

Getting stuck in a bad job can set you back years—impacting your mental health, decreasing performance, and stunting career progress. The problem is that it usually takes foresight to know whether an opportunity will be good (or bad) for a career.

Not for Christian Tier, CEO of Bang Olufsen.

The Swedish businessman – who started his career with Ericsson and rose from tech giant to president before taking on executive roles at companies like Sony, BlackBerry and Logitech – has figured out a way to find out if the job offer is the right one. Yes or No. This would be the right step for him.

Head of luxury audio company explains Luck The one thing he looks for is whether he can make a difference—and so far, he says that’s been the key to his success.

“You need to believe that you can make a difference”

“Do you believe that you can go out there and change things? “You can create something and contribute,” he says. “Otherwise, what’s the point of traveling when you can stay where you are with your friends and your family?”

Through that approach, Teare took jobs that uprooted his family around the world, from Switzerland and Mexico to Malaysia and London. Now, since taking over the helm of Bang & Olufsen four years ago, he is living and working in Copenhagen.

“When Bang & Olufsen called – it’s obviously an iconic brand – and expressed its challenges to me, I felt like I could help and contribute to the company,” he also said. There is no point in quitting the job. Or otherwise “go around”.

Why does he look for “turnaround” jobs

Always looking for opportunities to drive change, Tier has made a name for himself by being able to transform businesses: after playing a key role in helping Ericsson, BlackBerry hired him in 2012 as chief operating officer of the business. Was specifically attracted to help in the restructuring. It laid off about half its workforce and reinvented itself after the 2001 telecommunications crash.

Speaking about his current role, where he is tasked with driving awareness of Bang & Olufsen as well as driving sales and driving change in the business, he says: “This is a transformational thing that I am passionate about. There’s a lot of trust and a lot of time that I’ve invested in it and I want to see it done – and we’re almost halfway there so I’d like to get it done before doing anything else.

His advice for others looking to emulate his success? “Follow the career path where you think you can do good work and learn a lot of things,” he cautions, “but mainly, you need to be able to perform.”

Being able to successfully turn around a business can take a lot of risk and face big challenges, as it has for Teare – but, he cautions, be careful of biting off more than you can chew. Stay.

“I’ve seen both the ups and downs and you realize it’s a delicate balance between being on the gas pedal or the brake pedal… You need to make sure you manage it appropriately because otherwise, it “Can go off the rails very quickly,” he adds.

For Tyree, ultimately making change depends on being real with yourself and knowing whether you actually have the abilities to get things started and finished.

“If you don’t believe you can make change, if you don’t believe you can create a better place, leave it for someone else to take care of it,” Teare concluded. “You have to have that desire to be successful.”

This story originally appeared on Fortune.com

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