June 19, 2024
Bandai Spirits has ‘Armored Core VI’ toys on the way

While we know there are plans to make model kits for Kotobukiya Armored Corps VIBandai Spirits has also just announced that it plans to reveal some toys from the game later this year.

In particular, at Robot Damashii’s 15th anniversary event in Akihabara, some Armored Corps VI The toys have been announced and will be unveiled at Tamashii Nation 2023 this November.

These robots will be Damashi toys, but the number and type have not yet been determined. In that, these can be metal robot damashi toys, consisting of diecast parts, or just regular robot damashi figures.

Whereas Armored Corps VI Nightfall had already received one figure for collector editions of the game, it was a fixed-pose plastic figure without any articulation or diecast parts.

Robot Damashii figures are much more complex in terms of their articulation and often feature a range of additional gimmicks and accessories.

My guess is that the first Robot Damashi figure will be from Nightfall, since it’s the game’s “mascot” at this point, not to mention being a good part of the game’s story.

I’d also like to see Rusty and his two Steel Haze builds given the Robot Damashii treatment at some point, not to mention some larger and more involved Hi-Metal R figures.

On top of all this, Bandai Spirits is part of Bandai Namco. So these toys should be special, as Bandai Spirits has a direct connection to the game’s development team and properties. Not to mention a huge amount of experience in making excellent mecha related toys.

Armored Corps VI Available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Feel free to check out my review as well.

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