February 23, 2024
Apple Vision Pro's in-flight experience is so 'wild' that even Microsoft executives are surprised

apple inc.Is new Vision Pro The headset has been used a Microsoft Executive to convert Emirates business-class cabin into a private theatre.

What happened, Omar ShaheenThe Microsoft Word chief used Apple Vision Pro and Emirates’ in-flight WiFi service during a 16-hour flight from Seattle to Dubai, effectively turning the cabin into a giant screen. Shaheen shared his experience on threads. Ever since he received this headset, he has been sharing his thoughts on it.

Shaheen described the spatial computing wearable’s ability to create three-dimensional browsing environments on social media as “wild!” Expressed his astonishment while telling. Vision Pro launched globally a few days ago and can completely transform in-flight entertainment, especially for economy-class passengers.

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Despite its weight and light strain on the eyes, Shaheen described the device as “more fun” than his home entertainment system, although the price may be a deterrent for many.

Another Microsoft employee, Rebecca, shared screenshots of herself using MS Loop on Vision Pro.

why it matters: While Microsoft executives praise Apple’s mixed reality headset and envision running their own products on it, the company has slowed down its AR/VR ambitions despite being among the first to move into the field. The collaboration – reportedly between Microsoft and Samsung – aims to develop slimmer and more affordable XR devices for consumers. Recently, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios expressed skepticism about the current market feasibility of VR and AR, and attributed the absence of a sufficient audience to Xbox’s lack of interest in developing VR technology.

Apple Vision Pro has been receiving a lot of appreciation since its launch. Former CEO of Apple john scully compared it to the revolutionary iPhone, while OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman described the headset as “the second most influential technology after the iPhone”.

Elon Musk suggested using the device in conjunction with the X Pro in a tweet, highlighting the Vision Pro’s potential for diverse applications. However, there are concerns that the new device could eventually kill the iPad, as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggested.

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