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All about Noah Schnapp’s twin sister Chloe Schnapp

While Noah Schnapp’s stranger things The character may have an older brother, in real life he has a twin sister.

Noah has a twin sister named Chloe. Although Noah rarely discusses his sister in interviews, he said Diversity He played a big role in his coming out journey in August 2023.

The star came out publicly as gay in January 2023, revealing the news in a TikTok video. She reflected on the moment during her interview with the outlet less than a year later, explaining that she decided to share the video on January 5, 2023, after her family dropped Khloe off back at college. He even posted a video of the drive with his family back to his home in Westchester, New York.

The actor’s decision to come out was motivated by several events, including starting college. She said that when she started school at UPenn, she met a group of new people, explaining, “All these new girls started hitting on me, and I said, ‘I don’t like that. I Don’t want this.’ I was like, ‘Holy s–t. I know now.’ ,

When she realized that he was coming home the next weekend so she could drop her off at college, she decided to tell her sister. As for her reaction, Noah said, “She was very happy.”

“She said she would have hated the idea of ​​me marrying another girl and competing with that girl for her attention,” he explained. “The fact that now it would be a boy, she was like, ‘Oh, he’ll be my best friend.’ ,

Read on to learn more about Noah Schnapp’s sister, Chloe.

He was born in 2004

Noah Schnapp and his sister, Chloe Schnapp.

noah schnapp instagram

Karin Schnapp and Michelle Schnapp welcomed their twins, Noah and Chloe, on October 3, 2004 in New York City.

Noah having a twin sister was a surprise to many fans. In April 2016, the actor shared this description With his fans on the social media site X, formerly known as Twitter. He responded to a fan who wrote, “@noah_schnapp I just found out you’re twins and I…how?????” In a repost, Noah replied, “Brother twins. Her name is Chloe.

On his 18th birthday in October 2022, Noah shared an adorable carousel post of photos of the brother-sister duo over the years.

In the caption, she penned a sweet message for her sister, writing, “Happy Birthday to my twin sister and truly best friend in the whole world. Can’t imagine this life without you. There are 18 here.”

She was the first person to whom Noah came

Noah Schnapp and his sister, Chloe Schnapp.

noah schnapp instagram

Noah revealed during his Diversity Explaining in the interview that his twin sister was the first person he came out to, he said, “I can’t tell anyone else before I tell my twin sister – she’ll kill me.”

“I was driving, and I kept avoiding it,” he explained. “Our house was right down the road, and she’d say, ‘Why do you keep taking these wrong turns?’ I was like, ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do this.’ Then we got home, and I said, ‘Screw it.’ ,

However, when Noah went back to college at Penn, he said he went back to “obviously hiding” his sexuality, which he said “made everything miserable in those months.” Eventually, Noah’s mother went to the school to check on him.

“I couldn’t tell her how I felt without telling her what the problem was, so at dinner one night, I said, ‘This is it,’” he said. “She was like, ‘Finally, you told me!’ ,

The list of people he talked about before sharing his video with the world included his real-life best friend and stranger things Co-star, Millie Bobby Brown.

she goes to college in boston

Chloe Schnapp in 2022.

chloe schnapp instagram

While Noah attends college at the University of Pennsylvania, Chloe chose another school on the East Coast – Northeastern University in Boston.

According to her LinkedIn, after graduating from Scarsdale Senior High School in June 2022, she went on to attend the D’Amore McKim School of Business at Northeastern University to study marketing for her bachelor’s in business administration.

At Northeastern, she is a part of Sigma Delta Tau sorority. In addition to Greek life, she is also a member of the Women in Business Club.

On social media, Chloe documents her life in Boston with a group of her friends. In January 2023, she shared a carousel of photos on Instagram, including a solo photo of her brother posing in a winter jacket. In the comments, Noah wrote, “I love Boston,” and teased his sister’s intentions behind her visit, saying: “I think you wanted me to come there just to take your Insta pics.”

In the caption of another carousel of photos, Khloe professed her love for her college, while another set of photos showed her transformation into a baseball fan.

he had his own jewelery business

Noah Schnapp and Chloe Schnapp with their mother Karine.

chloe schnapp instagram

From September 2020 to August 2022, she served as the CEO of her own jewelry company called Clobelle Jewelry. Although it shut down the project in August 2022, the company’s Instagram page is still live, featuring dozens of photos of the merchandise.

On LinkedIn, Chloé said she created and promoted handmade jewelry through her online store as a means of “allowing young women to express themselves”.

He explained that Clobelle Jewelry’s stock was made up of products from sellers in both Asia and the United States. Chloe also shared that a portion of the proceeds from the sales were donated to the nonprofit Solving Kids Cancer, raising a total of $9,000.

She balances school with her career

Chloe Schnapp in 2022.

chloe schnapp instagram

Since graduating high school in June 2022, Chloe has had several job opportunities, including a short stint as a sales associate at The Apawamis Club the summer before heading off to college.

In March 2023, she began working as the marketing manager for The LadyBoss Podcast. She described her work duties on LinkedIn as creating content for social media, creating seasonal podcast ideas and themes, as well as various social media for the podcast. Told how to manage accounts.

In May 2023, she became a social media ambassador for Jake Rosen Entertainment, while continuing her role with The LadyBoss Podcast, and is currently working with Planet Fitness.

She has appeared on his YouTube channel

Noah Schnapp and his sister, Chloe Schnapp in 2023.

noah schnapp instagram

Although Noah has not posted on his YouTube channel since October 2020, Khloe made several appearances on her brother’s channel, including the last two videos he posted.

In a video titled “Reacting to Our Old Videos”, Noah and Chloe enlisted the help of their parents to uncover footage of their childhood to watch on camera. In the nearly six-minute long video, the brother-sister duo gushed over their family memories, which included school moments, home moments, vacation moments with their parents and more.

Chloe “How well does my sister Chloe know me?” Also appeared in another video named. Where they tried to answer many questions about each other. Although Noah ultimately defeated Khloe 4-3 in the game, several details about each sibling were revealed, including Khloe wanting to see a Jonas Brothers concert and her love/hate relationship with working out, along with This included the fact that he had appendicitis, which he described as his worst pain.

She loves to travel, including vacations with her brother

Noah Schnapp and Chloe Schnapp.

chloe schnapp instagram

Chloe has documented her travels on social media over the years and shared photos from around the world.

She shared several photos from her trip to Greece in the fall of 2022, including a carousel of photos capturing her trip to Mykonos and a pre-birthday weekend in Crete. After her 18th birthday, she also shared photos from Rome in October 2022 and photos of her meal in Los Cabos, Mexico during a trip in December 2022.

In addition to their trips with friends, Khloe and Noah have taken several trips together. In August 2022, she shared several photos from their family vacation trip to St. Barts, including one in which she posed in a patterned swimsuit.

She also shared a photo slideshow from the end of the summer, which included a photo of her posing with her brother in evening dress. They spent time together in Israel in August 2019 and also enjoyed time in the Hamptons in July 2023.

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