December 1, 2023
Alchemy Pay partners with Stellar Network to boost crypto adoption

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Crypto on/off ramp payments service provider, Alchemy Pay, has formed a partnership with the Stellar Network, enabling companies building on Stellar to purchase USDC and XLM using fiat. The collaboration aims to encourage developers to integrate digital assets into their projects and promote large-scale institutional and retail crypto adoption.

Seamless, efficient transactions at low costs

Alchemy Pay has established a strong presence in the global digital payments market with services in 173 countries. The company’s crypto-fiat on/off ramp solutions are integrated into over 300 local payment channels, making it easier for developers and DApps to adopt Alchemy Pay. Together with the Stellar Network, Alchemy Pay intends to take advantage of the network’s scalability, fast transaction speeds, and low transaction fees to encourage more developers to join.

From the beginning, Alchemy Pay was developed to make it easier for companies, developers, and users to enjoy seamless crypto-fiat transactions – with the goal of ultimately driving mass adoption of crypto. With Alchemy Pay joining forces with the Stellar network, companies will now have more incentive to adopt crypto, while developers will find payment integration easier. Developers will simply use plugins and APIs to integrate Alchemy Ramp into their Stellar directory. For companies and end users, Alchemy Ramp’s standing as a third-party service provider for Visa and MasterCard is a vote of confidence.

Alchemy Pay’s partnership with Stellar is an important step towards promoting mass adoption of cryptocurrencies for payments. The partnership leverages the strengths of the two companies to meet the needs of institutions, developers, and consumers – the three most important user groups in the crypto-fiat on/off ramp ecosystem. The partnership brings crypto to credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and mobile wallets, while also supporting seamless integration with GameFi, NFTs, DeFi protocols, and DApps.

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