December 6, 2023
5 things to see at Politico's AI and Tech Summit

After that, policymakers, tech CEOs and expert panelists will drill down into the international race for chip production, how (or whether) Washington will regulate artificial intelligence and the potential to use AI in intelligence gathering and mitigating climate change. Will control.

Here are five things worth seeing at the summit:

Antitrust and the tech industry: Khan sits down with POLITICO for an in-depth discussion of his agency’s efforts to break up monopolies in the tech sector. Beyond this week’s landmark competition lawsuit against Amazon, Khan has dealt with antitrust concerns raised by Microsoft and Meta, but with mixed results. The FTC Chair will also discuss whether the Commission is equipped to deal with AI, and what unique antitrust risks the rapidly advancing technology creates.

Which way on AI? Wednesday’s event will include leading congressional voices on AI — Representatives Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) and Jay Obernolte (R-Calif.) — and representatives from Google, Scale AI and an official from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. They will talk about how to earn public trust in AI systems, and how Congress and the Biden administration must balance innovation with security as they attempt to regulate this rapidly growing segment of the tech industry.

Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.), one of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s top lieutenants on AI legislation, will sit down one-on-one with POLITICO to discuss Capitol Hill’s plans for the technology.

AI and National Security: The day will also highlight how the leading minds in intelligence and cyber security are approaching the global race to deploy AI. In a live taping for the Politico Tech Podcast, Anne Neuberger — deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology for the Biden administration — will discuss the White House’s effort to establish innovation-friendly relationships with allies, as well as the U.S. Will also monitor the technical progress of the opponents. ,

Lakshmi Raman, AI director of the Central Intelligence Agency, will look at the use of the technology for intelligence gathering. And Palmer Luckey, founder of Anduril Industries, will discuss how the federal government can join with the private sector to modernize the Pentagon’s AI arsenal.

High-Tech Supply Chains: Despite passage of the Chips and Science Act last year, Capitol Hill and the Biden administration remain concerned about the security of America’s high-tech supply chain — especially in the face of a rising China. Sen. Young, leading architect of chips and science, will discuss what more Congress should do to boost microchip production and research in the United States. Attendees will also hear from Aaron “Ronnie” Chatterjee – who until recently was the White House coordinator for microchip policy – ​​as well as officials from Intel and the Silverado Policy Accelerator.

AI and climate change: The summit will explore the potential of AI systems to supercharge the response to climate change. Attendees will hear from top industry voices, including former Biden administration officials and representatives from IBM, Chemix and Gecko Robotics, on how advanced AI systems can improve climate modeling, reduce energy consumption and otherwise mitigate rapid warming. What is happening can help cool the planet.


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