December 1, 2023
5 chatgpt prompts to find a new job

5 ChatGPT prompts search for new job: Sam Altman removed as OpenAI CEO – what’s his next step?

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On Friday November 17, the OpenAI board announced that Sam Altman had been removed as CEO. In a statement on its website, the board said the departure “followed a thoughtful review process by the Board, which concluded [Altman] He was consistently unclear in his communications with the Board, which hindered his ability to carry out his responsibilities.” This meant that the Board “no longer has confidence in his ability to continue to lead OpenAI. “

There is speculation about the reasons behind the move, including reports of a possible data breach that resulted from the company moving too quickly to ship new features, but no one outside OpenAI knows the full story. Don’t know. November 6 was OpenAI’s first development day; on November 9, Microsoft closed down employees’ access to ChatGPT and ChatGPT. new signups frozen On 15 November. On November 16, Altman said that he had created a Mass searches within the last two weeks, Anything could have happened.

Altman co-founded OpenAI in 2015 with others, including Elon Musk, Microsoft, and Greg Brockman, who stepped down hours after Altman fired him as CEO. Altman has been at OpenAI full-time since March 2019 and oversaw the launch of its flagship products ChatGPT and DALL-E, as well as growing annual revenues to nearly $1 billion.

Whether you’ve just been fired, are ready for a new challenge and about to step down, or are Sam Altman himself, use these prompts to find answers with ChatGPT. Copy, paste and edit the square brackets in ChatGPT and see what it suggests.

Find Your New Dream Role With These ChatGPT Hints

maintain your dignity

No one wants to be a bad quitter. You never know what you may need in the future. You never know where any road will lead. According to some reports, the OpenAI board is discussing a return with Altman, amid pressure from investors to reinstate him to his position and get rid of the board. Since recovering from his shock, Altman has been only professional, Tweet“I love the OpenAI team,” and, “I loved my time at OpenAI. It was a bit of a game changer for me personally and hopefully for the world..” Altman made fun of about having no shares in the company and hinted that he might “start leaving”, but his dignity remains firmly intact. Use this prompt for the same effect.

“I just quit my job. I need to maintain my dignity and not say anything that I might regret later. However, there are a lot of things I’d like to get off my chest. Take those things and turn them into a funny and lively scene from a play I would put on just for my own entertainment, where someone representing me is yelling at a character. [describe your old boss or board chair], Include dialogue from both sides, where the character being yelled at is profusely apologetic and offers to make amends in the form of gifts, lavish dinners, and daily acts of service. These are the things I want to get off my chest and incorporate into the scene: [describe what you want to say in private],

take deliberate pauses

In a blog post, “How to Become Successful,” originally written in January 2019, Altman said he is “willing to take as much time as needed between projects to find his next thing.” But he wants it to be a project that “if successful, will make the rest of my career seem like a footnote.” There is no hurry to move forward. You don’t need to rush to rejoin your old workplace, accept the first role offered, or start a new company. Good things come to those who wait, for you and Altman. Use this ChatGPT prompt to figure out how you can hold out as long as possible, so that your next move is inferior to the previous one.

“Having just left my job, I’m feeling pressure to start something new right away. I need a regular reminder to stop and wait for the next great thing to come my way. Write a cute pep talk that I can record and listen to every day, that reminds me, [include the reasons you don’t need to find something straight away], It includes mantras such as “Good things come to those who wait” and paints a picture of the fantastic unknown waiting for me in the future, which includes [describe your ultimate hopes and dreams.] The conversation will take me on a visual journey and leave me feeling calm, patient and confident that something big is about to happen.”

improve with feedback

In all your previous roles that didn’t work out, the common denominator is you. Many people keep running from one job to another and always blame the boss, colleagues or the nature of the tasks as to why things did not happen. Stop repeating patterns by seeking out feedback and learning from it, no matter how hard it is to hear. Altman feels strongly about feedback. He “used to hate criticism of any kind and actively avoid it,” but now he said he listens to it, “with the assumption that it’s true, and then decide that I’m going to act on it.” “Want to do it or not?” Also in his 2019 blog post, he described the search for truth as “difficult and often painful”, but said that it “separates self-confidence from self-delusion.” Find out the truth with this simple hint.

“In my previous roles I received the following criticisms and reactions. I would like to assume that this is true, and make a plan based on which I can decide whether to proceed or not. Act as a personal development coach and analyze the feedback, then start an interactive coaching session with me where you explain what the different elements of the feedback might mean and ask if I agree, making suggestions that First how do I improve in that area. Here is the response: [paste information here],

use your connection

You have cards you are not using. Starting at the bottom, scrolling through job sites and applying for roles like everyone else is probably not the best way to make your dreams come true. It certainly isn’t for Altman. While he’s chatting between roles, he’s flooded with offers, now everyone knows he’s available. Additionally, he’ll think about who he knows, go out to dinner with people who inspire him, and contact old connections to get their advice and see if there’s potential for collaboration. As a successful entrepreneur, former president of Y Combinator, and with success at OpenAI, Altman will be in great shape going forward. Use his approach and you will too.

“I don’t want to start at the bottom when looking for a new role. I’m going to list 5 people I know who I believe could all be valuable in helping me find and secure my next role, and describe their work. Are. Act as an expert in networking and professional relationships and propose a conversation topic to each person on the list, so I can see if there is a suitable topic. Also give me 2-3 questions to ask the person, to identify areas of synergy or encourage them to introduce me to someone they know. [List the people you know along with a brief description],

repeat positivity

What did you enjoy most about your previous role and how might you expand on these elements of your work going forward? Altman’s tweets since the ouster of OpenAI’s CEO have been overwhelmingly about the team he worked with and the difference they made together. “Most of all I liked working with such talented people,” he tweeted On 17 November. For Altman it’s about the people, for some it’s the purpose, for others it’s the product. What lights you up? Use this hint to find out so you can recreate your dream scenario in whatever you want to do next.

“I want my next professional role to incorporate the best parts of my previous roles, so I will continue to progress in my career while doing what I love. Act as a career advisor and ask me a series of questions one by one about my previous roles. Question me for details about a good experience, and when the work felt most purposeful. After five back-and-forth engagements, conduct an analysis of which elements of the work satisfy me the most and suggest how I prioritize these in future roles.

5 chatgpt prompts to find a new job

The end of the world may never be what it seems. Whether you’ve just been fired or are thinking about quitting your job, the end of one chapter marks the beginning of a new one. This is true regardless of the circumstances under which you left.

Use these ChatGPT signals to maintain your dignity and intentionally make excuses for stopping by. Improve yourself and your work with feedback and criticism so that you don’t repeat any of your past mistakes. Use your Ace Card; The people you already know may hold the keys to your next adventure. Finally, find the components of your dream role by taking apart your ultimate role and prioritizing those things. Breakdowns are usually successes in disguise. This is not the end, this is just the beginning.


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