November 30, 2023
2023 Fortune/PINC AI 100 Top Hospitals

It has become survival of the fittest for American hospitals. Still operating under the pandemic’s long shadow, amid labor shortages, rising costs and the loss of government COVID-19 relief funding, the industry faces more permanent changes such as cyber threats and the continued migration of services to outpatient settings. Is also struggling.

Not everyone will be able to do this: The number of hospital closings and bankruptcies has increased significantly this year; Many others, particularly America’s rural hospitals, are under severe strain. That background is reflected in this year’s Fortune/PINC AI 100 Top Hospitals list, which puts the numbers more prominently in focus to identify America’s best performers. In a field of 2,644 short-term, acute care non-federal U.S. hospitals, these 100 organizations – representing teaching and community hospitals of various sizes – stand out and serve as guides to the broader industry.

These hospitals bested their peers across all measures, including patient outcomes and experiences, operational efficiency, financial health and community impact. And according to PINC AI’s analysis, there is much to be gained from following their lead: If all hospitals performed at the same level as the top 100, more than 272,000 additional hospital lives would be saved and more than 432,000 additional patients would be treated. Will be saved from complications. As a result of care. $15.7 billion in patient costs would be avoided.

Last year’s list included fifty-one winning hospitals. As is the case every year, hospitals do not apply for the Top 100 awards, and winners do not pay to market the honor.

This year’s study, which was based on publicly available Medicare data from 2021, showed little change from 2020 for the industry on most measures. The one exception for hospitals in the study was profit margins, which increased significantly due to COVID-19 relief dollars that hospitals received that year. Of course, those pandemic funds have dried up, putting hospitals at risk to stay at the top of their game.-Erica Fry, Senior Writer, Luck

Below, find out where the top hospitals ranked in each category, then click through to each of the sub-lists (teaching and community), which also highlight this year’s Everest Award winners. (See our methodology here).


Fortune/Pinsey AI 100 Top Hospitals



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