July 24, 2024
WiseWallet: Free Personal Finance App from Ukraine

Ukrainian developers have created the free WiseWallet application for managing personal finances, as reported by Yuriy Hnatyuk, founder of KindGeek.

The closed testing phase was recently completed, but development continues with web testing ongoing. Developers are refining necessary features and gathering ideas and feedback from users.

Currently, the app supports four types of transactions: expenses, income, transfers, and refunds. “Refund” transactions are linked to original expenses and adjust the actual expenditure amount:

“For example, if you paid $115 for dinner with friends, two friends transferred funds to your card, and another returned cash, WiseWallet will record this scenario and the actual amount spent,” the WiseWallet team explained.



They also plan to introduce a receipt scanner. Users will be able to scan or upload receipts, and the app will extract key information.

What will be added soon?

  • Synchronization with banks, including Monobank
  • Wallet sharing
  • Web version of the application
  • Goal planning. WiseWallet allows setting clear time limits, allocating amounts of money for each goal, and making regular contributions.



The app features a dashboard with “Monthly Trend” and “Capital”. Users can see the difference between all expenses and incomes for the selected month, as well as separately by category. “Capital” shows the total value of all wallets for a specific day, week, or month, enabling analysis of capital accumulation over time.

The application aims to “increase financial literacy among Ukrainians” and is available in both Ukrainian and English versions. It is free for all Ukrainians and can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play.

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