July 24, 2024
What is ‘slow shopping,’ and how can it save you money? – WSOC TV

CHARLOTTE — Between Amazon, eBay and so many online retailers, it’s pretty easy to give in to impulsive online shopping, but a new trend on social media is helping compulsive shoppers resist the temptation.

Though the reasons may vary, impulse shopping is universal, and often filled with regret.

“Then you realize, what am I buying this stuff for? You regret it the next day,” Ryan Garey told Channel 9′s Deneige Broom.

Instead, a social media trend is spreading the idea of “slow shopping.” You put your items in a cart, and you wait.

“Slow shopping really is suggesting that you put a pause on spending, that you evaluate each purchase before you hit the buy button,” says consumer advisor Andrea Woroch.

Woroch says the benefits of slow shopping include avoiding impulse purchases or FOMO (fear of missing out on a deal), and time to find coupons or better prices.

“Generally speaking, 24 hours is really a good amount of time to think over a potential impulse purchase,” Woroch told Broom.

Slow shopping is catching on and saving some people a lot of money.

“Now I’ve learned to just leave it in the cart, and go back to it, you know? And if it’s there in a week or two and you really still want it I’ll purchase it,” Garey said.

There are some downsides to slow shopping. You could miss out on a limited-time sale, or the product could be out of stock when you decide to buy. But if you want to cut back, missing a chance to spend more money might not be a bad thing.

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