July 24, 2024
We make £390 for five minutes' work thanks to an Alibaba buy & some fishing wire

A WOMAN has revealed her easy side hustle which she claims nets her £390 for five minutes work.

TikTok user @crystalrubyv showed how she rents out a flower wall for parties and weddings, and it only takes minutes to install.

Crystal claims she makes £390 in a matter of minutes thanks to her easy side hustleCredit: TikTok/@crystalrubyv

She shared: “Watch us make $500 (£390) in 5 minutes.”

In the clip, Crystal showed how easy it was to put up the flower wall, by adding the faux rose material to the frame.

She explained to viewers how she purchased the flower wall from Alibaba “on sale for less than $600 (£468).”

To finish off the look, the couple ordered a neon sign saying “Mr and Mrs” which they attached to the backdrop with fishing wire.

After a couple of events, she had made her money back and was raking in profit for her business.

Crystal added: “It’s up to you how much you wanna charge. Just make sure you factor in times, mileage, have a contract in case of damages and charge a deposit.”

She advertises wherever she can, and hosts everything from birthdays to anniversaries and weddings.

She added: “I leave business cards everywhere, schools, venues, restaurants, daycares.

“I use instagram with hashtags. Really it’s about networking.”

Crystal said anyone can start the business, and you don’t need any qualifications to get started.

I started a side hustle from my kitchen table and am already making an extra £1.5k a week for a just a few hours work

The entrepreneur added: “My best advice is to save to $500 (£390) – $700 (£546)and just buy one flower wall and start from there! 

“My biggest mistake was buying a bunch of inventory at once.”

Many people were highly impressed with her business, with one saying: “Looks amazingggg! I respect your hustle girl.”

Another added: “Great return in profit.”

Crystal has a flower wall which she rents out for eventsCredit: TikTok/@crystalrubyv

Crystal replied: “Yes more like 20 minutes but still the fastest $$$ in 20 min ever.”

If you are looking for more side hustle ideas, a woman has revealed that she makes £20,000 a month from a simple side hustle, that takes just minutes to set up.

Taylor Couch shared details of her money-making hack via a video posted to her TikTok channel, which she often uses to share side hustle tips and tricks.

The side hustle pro revealed that YouTube pays around £10-£20 per 1,000 video views.

Top five easiest side hustles

  1. Dog walking
  2. Babysitting
  3. Selling clothes on Vinted or Depop
  4. Start a Youtube or TikTok channel
  5. Tutoring

She then explained that simple, faceless videos such as ‘relaxing cafe music mix’ or ‘cosy fireplace sounds’ gain around 60 million views on the video-sharing platform.

This means that the creators of these videos made over £230,000 from just one video.

To make your video, Taylor explained that all you need to do is go to ai.invideo.io.

Then, ask the AI to make you a video, being as descriptive as possible.

For example, Taylor asked the AI to create a three-minute YouTube video with 10 scenes of beautiful scenery, paired with relaxing music.

Then click ‘generate video’ and select your audience.

Side hustles in numbers

Based on new research from Finder, an estimated 22.8 million Brits are using side hustles to top up their income.

Among those aged 18-23, 68 percent have a side hustle in 2024.

Those aged 24-42 aren’t far behind, with 65 per cent having an additional source of income. 

Side hustles are less popular among older generations, with 40 percent of those aged 43-54 having one.

Whereas 23 percent of people aged 55-73 and just 7 per cent of those aged 74 and over are earning extra cash this way. 

“Boom! Within minutes you have a video”, she said.

You can then edit the video if you want to, and when you’re happy with it, simply download it and upload it to YouTube.

You can do this as many times as you like, creating a variety of different videos.

“Then sit back, and collect income passively”, she said.

Taylor’s video, which was posted under the username @thecouchclub, has likely left many people impressed, as it has racked up over 780,0000 views on the video-sharing platform.

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