April 15, 2024
Watch Rudy Gobert earn a costly technical foul for making a money gesture at ref Scott Foster... as Timberwolves center gives Cavs lifeline to win in overtime

  • Rudy Gobert rubbed his fingers together after fouling out vs. Cleveland
  • And the gesture handed the Cavs a free throw to tie the game late 
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The Timberwolves’ Rudy Gobert massively helped the Cavs on Friday night as he made a money sign at ref Scott Foster – and gave Cleveland a crucial free throw in the process.

After fouling out with 27 seconds left for a push on offense, Gobert rubbed his fingers together and made the money sign to imply that Foster was on the take. The Timberwolves were up by one at the time.

Foster didn’t see the gesture, but official Natalie Sago did and T’d up Gobert, allowing Darius Garland to make a technical free throw to tie the game at 97.

Minnesota had one last chance in regulation, but Anthony Edwards’ baseline jumper at the horn was off, and Cleveland wound up winning 113-104 in overtime.

Gobert admitted he was wrong in making the gesture.

Rudy Gobert earned a costly technical foul after making a money gesture on Friday night
The gesture was noticed by official Natalie Sago and the Cavs wound up with a huge free throw

‘My reaction, which I think was the truth, but it wasn´t the time to react that way,’ he said. ‘It cost my team the game. It was an immature reaction. It´s not just one call. Everyone makes mistakes, but when it´s over and over and over again, of course it´s frustrating.’

And Minnesota assistant Micah Nori, who was filling in for an ill Chris Finch, was disappointed and displeased with the center as well. 

‘A technical foul with 27 seconds in the game, to be honest, is unacceptable,’ Nori said. 

‘That´s who Rudy is, but you´ve got to be smart. He made a visual that was automatic. He was obviously frustrated – both teams were – but we have to be smarter.’

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Darius Garland (10) finished with 34 points in the overtime win

Gobert finished with seven points and 17 rebounds in 37 minutes.

Garland scored 34 points and Jarrett Allen added a career-high 33 and 18 rebounds in the win.

Allen scored 10 points in overtime as the Cavs outscored the Timberwolves 16-7 and won their eighth straight against a Western Conference team.

It was Cleveland’s second win in four days against one of the league’s elite teams. 

On Tuesday, the Cavs rallied from 22 points down in the fourth quarter to stun the East-leading Boston Celtics.

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