July 24, 2024
Tri-State residents try to stay cool, save money

CINCINNATI — This week is all about trying to stay cool in the hottest of temperatures, but that can be difficult without air conditioning.

“Once this humidity starts, it just creeps its way in, it’s just as hot as it is inside as it is outside sometimes,” said Cathy McMahon, who has lived in her Westwood home for 38 years without air conditioning.

She closes her windows and blinds by 9 a.m., then turns the lights off and the fans on.

McMahon said most of the time, it isn’t that bad without AC, but occasionally, “maybe 10 days tops, you’re miserable.” This is one of them.

And on one of those miserably hot days, Gerry Galoff found himself in a similar boat. He didn’t choose to live without it, but on Monday, his AC went out.

Galloff said the temperature inside reached the upper 80s.

“We got some fans circulating the air, opening the windows, trying to stay hydrated,” he said.

Keith Thomas, a technician with Logan Services went to the Galloff’s to work on their repair on Tuesday. Thomas also had some tips for how to save money while keeping your house cool.

Thomas said the hotter the temperature, the busier he is because the air conditioning systems have to work much harder to cool homes.

“A few of the quick tips I would really lean towards is ultimately checking the air filtration,” Thomas said. “That’s going to be the number one cause of most breakdowns or uncomfortable temperatures in the residence.”

Thomas said to keep the temperature of your home and your electric bill low, he recommends closing blinds and curtains, especially during the peak heat hours of the day.

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