June 14, 2024
Top 6 apps specifically for couples working on finance, banking, investing together

Couples have real needs to navigate through their finances together. 38% of divorced couples report financial problems as a cause of their divorce.

The traditional banking industry hasn’t kept up with modern needs when it comes to the challenges couples have with their finances. Sure, they offer joint accounts but the join account structure has always been more legal than it is useful. Just having shared access to the same bank account isn’t enough — couples can use workflows to help communicate and act on shared finances.

A 2022 report by Juniper Research estimated that by 2026, over 200 million users globally will be using money management apps designed for joint/shared finances between partners. There’s an opportunity here to provide the types of tools and services needed around shared finances.

Key features and trends

  • Joint Budgeting and Expense Tracking: Many finance apps for couples focus on joint budgeting and expense tracking, allowing both partners to input and monitor expenses in real-time. Examples include Honeydue and Goodbudget.
  • Savings Goals and Financial Planning: These apps often provide features for setting and tracking shared savings goals and offer tools for long-term financial planning.
  • Integration with Bank Accounts: To provide a seamless experience, these apps typically integrate with multiple bank accounts, enabling automatic updates of expenses and balances.
  • Communication and Transparency: Some apps include features that facilitate communication between partners regarding financial decisions and ensure transparency.

There are a few apps designed especially for the issues couples face around banking, saving, spending, and investing. Some sit on top of existing bank accounts, aggregating spending and income information in from various sources — others require you to deposit money directly with their banking partners.

Stand alone apps for couples’ finances

  • Honeydue: A simple way for couples to manage their finances. From bank accounts and loans to investments, Honeydue supports over 20,000 financial institutions across 5 countries.
  • Crush: An AI-powered shared finances app that doesn’t require switching banks. Couples can work as a team to track spend, habits, and trends – built for couples, families, or just individuals.
  • Plenty: An investment platform for couples. Plenty currently offers 5.08% APY on cash and a next-gen robo-advisor. Couples get a single place to invest, share, plan, and track with their partners.
  • Zeta: Shared banking for modern couples and families. Zeta gives users a place to organize bill pay and set goals using an envelope system. It also has in-app messaging for conversations around finances. As couples have children, Zeta extends into a family banking platform.
  • Monarch Money: Helps couples work together on their finances. Monarch lets couples sync all of their bank accounts into one place, access Monarch with their own logins, and view joint reports for how they’re doing.
  • Tango: Connects couples’ accounts to see how they are spending, saving and progressing towards their goals. Tango looks at checking, savings, investments, credit cards, and loans. The app gives couples quizzes, scoring, and checklists to get on top of their finances.

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