July 14, 2024
Tips to save money on your energy bill during heat wave

Mary Jane Belleza and Linsey Lewis

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — During this heatwave, many Las Vegas valley homeowners like Mary Rendina are trying to cool down their homes all while trying to save money on their energy bills.

“It pretty much doubled say from April or May from the last bill that we got in June,” Rendina said. “So, it’s a little concerning that the temperatures keep going up and we’re trying to keep the house cool.”

She’s already made a few adjustments around her home, like keeping her curtains closed all day long and has also installed new shutters.

“We have an above-ground hot tub and instead of using the electric to heat it in these warmer months, we do have a solar cover that we picked up,” Rendina added.

Les Lazareck is a managing member of Home Energy Connection and helps residents cut down on energy consumption.

“What’s the biggest energy user that are in most people’s homes? Their air conditioner and pool pumps,” Lazareck said.

So what temperature should you have your thermostat set at?

“I recommend and it’s recommended by the Department of Energy as well, 78F degrees is what Energy Star would recommend to keep it when you’re at home,” Lazareck explained. “When you’re away then 82 or 85 degrees when you’re away. The determine the amount of energy to cool your home back down is cost-effective at that rate.”

Lazareck also recommends you keep your thermostat fan on the auto setting. He said to keep air filters clean and doors open for better circulation and check your water heater.

“Double check their temperatures, that it’s set to 120F and not the max temperature,” remarked Lazareck. “Those can add even in the summer if they’re in the garage about 10 to 20 bucks a month based on temperature settings.”

He said these small changes along with proper home maintenance are key.

“Ceiling fans cool people through evaporation but most of these motors, the common fans people are installing get to 95F to 104F degrees from running all the time so ceiling fan manufacturers use to specify on their boxes run only in occupied rooms, otherwise you’re heating the air,” Lazareck added.

Rendina said she’s seen an improvement already when it comes to energy savings costs.

“Even running the washer and the dryer, just conserving there as well with the water and the power,” Rendina said.

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