April 15, 2024
The Best Ways To Make Money In Terraria


  • Play on Expert mode for 2.5x more coins from enemies, no setup required.
  • Make a Crystal Shard farm for passive profit while progressing in-game.
  • Catch Truffle Worms for 10 gold coins each, offset rare spawn chance for more profit.

Money, which is represented in the form of copper, silver, gold, and platinum coins, is very important in Terraria. With it, you can purchase all kinds of things from NPC merchants, like ranged ammunition, health or mana potions, accessories, tools, exploratory supplies, explosives, and other, highly useful items.


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If you find yourself running out of money often, or simply want to amass a large amount of wealth so that you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the same cycle of having to grind just to buy a few consumables, you should give these highly effective, in-game money-making methods a look.

While these methods are largely universally applicable, it should be noted that they were only tested on the PC version of the game.

8 Play On A Harder Difficulty

A world creation screen with the Expert mode selected in orange text.

Although it’s going to be a much harder experience for you overall, playing on Expert mode, for example, will yield 2.5 times more coins from every enemy you defeat, and sometimes extra, unique goodies. Let’s look at a common nighttime enemy, the Zombie.

On Classic difficulty, a regular zombie has 45 health, 6 defense, and drops 60 copper coins, but on Expert, that same zombie now has 198 health, and 12 defense, but drops one silver and 50 copper coins. This money-making method isn’t for everyone, but it’s incredibly straightforward, organic, and has no setup required.

7 Make A Crystal Shard Farm

A small crystal shard farm made from mud blocks underneath a jungle biome.

Crystal Shards are found underground in the Hallow Biome, which only becomes a part of your world once the Wall of Flesh is defeated. These crystals grow naturally on specific blocks, like Pearlstone, Pearlsand, and a few others.

Selling for 16 silver coins each, making a Crystal Shard farm is a great way to make passive profit while you progress through the game in other ways. If you want to be particularly efficient, you can use conveyor belts and actuators to quickly harvest mass amounts of these crystals.

6 Kill Bosses

terraria player fighting the moon lord boss

While it depends on your overall experience and the build you’re using, generally speaking, there are a significant number of bosses that put up a pretty tough fight in this game. The good news is, if you win, you’ll be rewarded with coins and other drops.


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While the Moon Lord drops the most money in the form of a single platinum coin, it might be worth your time defeating easier bosses, like Golem, which despite giving less money, can be farmed quickly, amounting to more efficient wealth accumulation over time.

5 Grow Gem Trees

An amethyst gem tree growing just above a small lake of bright lava.

If you’re going to grow gem trees, you’re going to need Gemcorns, which are crafted by combining an acorn and a gem of your choice. Make sure to grow these trees in dark conditions, space them a few blocks apart, and place background walls to minimize enemy spawns.

Each gem tree, once chopped, can yield up to 11 Gemcorns and 24 gems of their respective types. It’s recommended you grow Amber or Diamond gem trees since these gems can be sold for 30 silver each.

4 Catch Truffle Worms

A largely blue and dark purple, underground mushroom biome.

While this is a much more hands-on and active method of making money that is only accessible during Hardmode, catching Truffle Worms with a bug net can be quite lucrative since these little critters sell for 10 gold coins each.

To offset their rare spawn chance, it’s a good idea to use Water Candles, Battle Potions, and other items or consumables that increase local spawn rates. Also, make sure you buy a Guide to Critter Companionship, a book that can be bought for five gold from the Zoologist NPC, which prevents you from harming critters.

3 Go Fishing

A player in a forest biome standing on top of a pyramid of gold, iron, and titanium fishing crates.

While your overall fishing power, which is influenced by a variety of variables, like the fishing pole you’re using, your equipped gear, the time of day, and all kinds of other stuff, fishing can be remarkably lucrative, even if you’re not getting that lucky with crates.


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Just the fish you catch alone will be worth anywhere from one silver coin and some copper, all the way to ten gold coins. If you focus on getting crates, opening them, and selling most, if not all of their contents, you can make plenty of cash, especially if you’re using Crate Potions.

2 Farm Pirate Invasion Events

A player just underneath a flying, wooden pirate ship with cannons and a big skull attached to the front.

The Pirate Invasion, one of many Hardmode events that can spawn randomly or be summoned with consumable Pirate Maps, is an incredible way to make money through combat, since Pirate enemies drop so many coins and high value furniture that can be sold en masse.

Paired with items like the Lucky Coin, and consumables like the Flask of Gold if you happen to be a whip or melee weapon user, both of which increase how much money enemies drop, you can easily get dozens of gold coins per Pirate Invasion.

1 Build An AFK Farm

A player sitting underneath an AFK monster farm in the underground desert biome.

It’s not a very fun or interactive method, but building an AFK farm that lures enemies into a damaging space just above you, like a lava pit, is an incredible way to make passive income, especially when paired with items that increase enemy spawn rates.

There are lots of different ways to make AFK farms, so if you’re having trouble knowing where to start, there are plenty of online resources on forums, Steam, and YouTube that can get you started. Once built, boot up the game and figure out something to do for a little while, and reap the rewards when you’re ready to play again.


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