July 24, 2024
Save money and the environment one window at a time

The Vice President of Ecoline Windows discusses saving money through greener choices

What if you could save money while being easier on the environment? According to Matan Korin, Vice President of Ecoline Windows, replacing windows with energy efficient options can make a big difference in a home’s power consumption and, in turn, leave more money in your pocket. 

Matan, who has helped grow Ecoline into a national brand, is an avid DIY enthusiast and dedicated to helping people transform their homes into more comfortable, energy-efficient spaces. 

“Thanks to new windows and improved insulation, there is a reduced need for heating and cooling which leads to significant savings,” he explains. 

New Windows Can Save You Money

Replacing windows can lead to dramatic savings for a number of reasons.

Of course, old windows can be drafty and even small amounts of unwanted airflow can affect the need for heating and cooling within a home. But it goes beyond drafts:

Lower Energy Bills

Energy efficient windows use triple-pane or double-pane glass filled with a specialized gas that increases efficiency. They also have a Low-E coating which keeps warm air inside and cold air outside in the winter months. This all adds up to lower heating and cooling bills year-round. 

“Thanks to new windows and improved insulation, there is a reduced need for heating and cooling, which leads to significant savings,” says Matan. 

Reduced Maintenance Costs

New windows are designed to last longer and require less upkeep. Vinyl windows do not require paint touch-ups and are much easier to clean. 

Increased Home Value

New windows have a big impact on a home’s resale value. Not only do they make the home look more appealing, but buyers are also attracted to energy efficient upgrades. 

“Energy-efficient upgrades can boost property value. The return on investment of window replacement is around 70%,” explains Matan. 

Government Rebates and Loans

There are often government incentives that can help to reduce the investment in energy efficient windows, which makes them an even more affordable choice. The popular federal government Canada Greener Homes Loan offers eligible homeowners interest-free loans for up to $40,000 to pay for energy efficient upgrades. 

Ecoline also offers their own Green Grant Program. Homeowners can receive up to $3750 for windows, patio doors and/or exterior doors without restrictions or limits when they purchase energy efficient windows from the company.


Energy Efficient Windows: An Eco-Friendly Choice

Hand-in-hand with the cost savings comes a better environmental footprint when new windows are installed in a home. The enhanced insulation reduces the need for heating and cooling which cuts carbon emissions dramatically. 

In addition, good quality new windows are built to last much longer which means replacing less often.  “At Ecoline, all our windows are locally manufactured using the latest technology and premium materials. When properly maintained, energy-efficient vinyl windows can last over 20 years on average,” says Matan. “With Ecoline’s hassle-free 25-year warranty on both product and labour, homeowners can rest assured they’ll enjoy their new windows for many years to come.”


Choosing the Right Windows

While new windows are generally better for the wallet and the environment, they are not all built the same. Matan suggests choosing Energy Star certified triple-pane glass windows. 

“Choose windows with a minimum energy rating of 34 to have the most impact,” says Matan. “And don’t forget to consider the design and style of your new windows so they complement your current house exterior and interior.”

To learn more about choosing the best vinyl window designs for Canadian homes and how you can save money with greener window choices, visit Ecoline online or call 1-866-856-2088.

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