July 24, 2024
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A tip for how to actually save money while dealing with them is not something you typically get from an electrical company. But maybe RJ Electric of Avonlea, SK isn’t your regular utility business.

“If you’re looking at bin aeration fans this year, we have some good stock left,” says Josh Jelinski, owner-operator of RJ Electric. “Obviously, the longer you wait, the more the prices go up. But if you’re looking at next year, give me a call before January and I can get you in on a bit of a booking program and save you a little bit of money. It’s what I always try to tell the guys around here, anyway.”

Situated about 45 minutes from both Regina and Moose Jaw (it forms an almost perfect triangle if you plot the three locations), Avonlea is right in the middle of Saskatchewan’s farming heartland, and RJ Electric is proud to be able to serve the local producers. Between Jelinski and his father, they’ve been providing aeration services for more than 30 years.

“We have a pretty good idea of what you need,” explains Jelinski. “We can hook you up with any size of aeration fan – whatever horsepower or voltage, three phase or single phase. We’ve got you covered, and can fit a fan on pretty well any bin.”


RJ deals in S3 aeration fans. They sell them, service them and answer any and all questions farmers may have about them.

Naturally, they also provide a full range of other electrical services for homes, businesses and rural properties.

“We do all kinds of electrical work, including underground work and directional drilling,” Jelinski says. “You’re always welcome to call our shop phone at (306) 868-2199, and just leave a message if we can’t answer. You can also email r.j.electric@sasktel.net and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

RJ Electric can be found at 109 Main St in Avonlea.

“We’re always here to help,” says Jelinski. “We hope everyone has a good summer season and a safe and happy harvest. It’s a nice crop we’ve got coming in here.

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