April 19, 2024
Quidco explained and the best cashback offers

With its average user saving about £300 a year, we explain how Quidco works and how you could also earn cashback on your shopping.

In a world of online shopping, companies are finding creative ways to help you save you money on your spending. It’s an environment where cashback sites have thrived by both driving interest towards new businesses and saving money for customers.

Quidco* is one example. 

Acquired by the Moneysupermarket group in 2021, it works with MoneySavingExpert to bring the corporation money through cashback deals. In 2023, this revenue stream stood at a nearly £60 million, which was flat compared to the prior year but more than the £10.6 million earned in the year it was bought.

So, if you’re interested in signing up to use their services we explore:

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What is Quidco and how does it work?

Quidco is one of the largest cashback sites in the UK, offering discounts at more than 5,000 retailers. This includes the likes of Amazon, eBay, Booking.com and Domino’s. In addition, you can also get cashback on a range of services, such as car insurance through Aviva.

Crucially, you can use Quidco free of charge. It does offer a premium service, which is explained below, but its fee comes off the cashback you earn each month.

To use the cashback site, you’ll need to sign up to the provider by providing a name and an email address. Then, when you shop online make sure you use their app or website to search for your retailer or products. Once you’ve made your purchase it’ll be tracked on your account and stored as cashback once the purchase has been verified.

You can then withdraw cashback directly or exchange it for a voucher at selected retailers. If you opt for the latter, then you could increase your payout with an added bonus.  

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Sign up to Quidco and start earning cashback

With the average user making £300 a year in cashback, Quidco can give your finances a handy boost. It offers cashback off a range of big name brands and stores such as Amazon, eBay, and Argos.

Also, by signing up as a Times Money Mentor reader you can earn an extra £15 in cashback when you spend £5 or more with the provider.

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What is Quidco premium and is it worth it?

Quidco packages its services into two tiers: basic or premium. Its basic package is free to use and allows you to earn cashback from all its retailers.

The premium package, meanwhile, offers better cashback rates in return for a £1 fee. This is taken off the money you earn each month, so you’ll never have to use your bank details to pay for the subscription.

You can also downgrade to a basic package at anytime and if you don’t use Quidco throughout the month then it won’t need to pay the monthly fee.

Making this upgrade worthwhile will depend on your purchases made through Quidco. As you can see below, buying £100 worth of eligible items on Amazon each month will make no difference to your cashback.  

Package Retailer   Amount spent Cashback Bonus for cashing out into an Amazon voucher Total
Basic Amazon £100 2% 1% £3
Premium Amazon £100 2% 2% £4
Offers correct as of March 19, 2024

However, other offers that are exclusively available to premium members can make all the difference. For example, consider making the same £100 spend on garden tools from Argos:

Package Retailer   Amount spent Cashback Bonus for cashing out into an Argos voucher Total
Basic Argos £100 3.75% 3% £6.75
Premium Argos £100 5.5% 6% £11.50
Offers correct as of March 19, 2024

According to Quidco, the average premium member earns 40% more than those on basic subscriptions.

With the premium subscription you’ll need to make this £1 fee back first before a cashback balance is reflected on your account. This means if you use it sporadically then a basic membership could represent better value.

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What are the best Quidco cashback offers?

Alongside regular cashback offers, the cashback site also offers limited time deals. These include:

Brand Cashback When does the offer end?
Nord VPN 95% No end date yet
Expedia 5% 23 March
Samsung 10% 23 March
My Nintendo Store £15 when you spend £50 24 March

What is the highest cashback guarantee?

Since Quidco claims to offer the highest cashback of any of its competitors in the UK, it runs a “highest cashback guarantee”. This is a scheme where if you find another provider offering a better offer it promises to beat its deal. If you’re a premium member, you’ll earn more than a basic subscriber.

So, it’s worth checking TopCashback and other sites before making your purchase.

Is Quidco legit?

Quidco is a legitimate business that has been used by more than 10 million people across the UK. Since launching in 2005, these users have earned more than £500 million in cashback.

As mentioned, Quidco is also part of the Moneysupermarket group, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. This means as part of the broader group it’ll be vetted regularly to ensure it remains a legitimate entity.  

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How does Quidco make money?

Quidco makes money via something called an “affiliate network”. This isn’t too dissimilar to how the Times Money Mentor makes money, but in essence each time you click through to sites such as eBay via Quidco your journey will be tracked.

Once you complete your purchase, the website, which in this example is eBay, will owe Quidco a commission for your business. It then uses this money to pay your cashback, other expenses, and keeps the rest as profit.

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Is cashback guaranteed?  

No, as mentioned above, Quidco relies on receiving its commission to fund your cashback. If one of its providers doesn’t pay its commission then you may not receive your cashback.

How long do Quidco payments take?

This depends on where your purchase was made. Some companies take longer than others to process your transaction, which delays their commission payments to Quidco. Typically, it can take between three and six months to receive your cashback.

What is Quidco cashback reminder?  

Quidco cashback reminder is a free browser extension that reminds you to activate your cashback on your online shop if a deal is available. It’s a handy tool to help identify cashback opportunities.

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