April 19, 2024
My 'scratch-off' challenge saved me $5,050 in 100 days

PENNY pinchers and consumers strapped for cash can buy a fun game to save $5,050, but not everyone’s convinced.

With steadying inflation and home prices rising, Americans are finding crafty ways to save.

A TikToker revealed her money-saving strategy, but the comment section had some objectionsCredit: TikTok / saverjessica

One TikToker (@saverjessica) shared her strategy for setting funds aside for the future.

She called it the “hottest 100 envelope-saving challenge” on TikTok.

While plenty of social media users have hopped on the trend, this one differs since it’s formatted as a scratch-off game.


The 100 scratch-off envelope savings challenge book includes a page with the game rules.

Other sections include a scratch-off page and envelope pages where different dollar bills are stored.

Customers write their names and a start date on the back of the scratch card.

Then they can use a coin to scratch a random coating on the scratch-off page to save money equivalent to its numerical amount.

For instance, if 25 were the number they scratched, the person would prepare to put $25 in that envelope.

Numbers range from one to 100 and are in jumbled order. Once each number is completed, a total of $5,050 is saved.

While the book is labeled as a “100” scratch-off envelope savings challenge, there’s no fixed time limit.

I turned one cent into $667 and the trick is on the ‘personalized pad’ – you won’t even notice you’re saving

Players can participate as often as they want, but playing daily would lead to the quickest saving results.

The book also intentionally places lower numerical amounts below 20 in its first row to make it easier to begin.


Jessica’s video included comments from users who poked some holes in her savings strategy.

The main criticism was people expressing how a book shouldn’t be needed to set cash aside.

“Lol you need a book for this?” one user asked.

“Why not invest it?” asked another

“Or just put money in a bank account each week…” one person added.

More commenters echoed this sentiment, suggesting that putting the cash in a bank account would grow its monthly interest.

“What a joke,” wrote another user.

“If your ability to set aside money requires this you don’t stand a chance!”


Another savvy saver and TikToker shared their “rainy day fund” challenge to turn $10 into $1,700.

She claimed those who participate won’t even notice they’re saving.

The rules are simple: starting with $10, a player must set aside money to save each day it rains throughout one year.

The user, Mary, explained how “Mother Nature decides how often you save.”

Mary noted how where someone lives plays a significant factor in determining how much is saved.

For instance, a saver from Syracuse, New York could save $1,720 since it rains or snows on an average of 172 days a year.

Players in Seattle, Washington would especially rake in big cash, as it rains on an average of 156 days annually, amounting to $1,560.

Those who live in dryer climates can adjust the amount they save to account for rainy-day gaps.

The U.S. Sun covers more savings tricks to make your dollar stretch.

A financial influencer revealed how setting some pennies aside can pack away $600.

Find out how to get ahead in retirement with an expert’s strategy.

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