July 24, 2024
Money management talk, food baskets for 100 entrepreneurs in B40 group

SOME B40 entrepreneurs learned about money management thanks to Public Bank’s wholly-owned subsidiary Public Mutual’s talk recently via its Community Outreach initiative.

The talk aimed to educate underserved communities on money management and the need for savings.

Close to 100 attendees packed the venue.

Public Mutual went the extra mile by presenting participants with food baskets to ease their daily expenses.

Public Mutual’s talk brought smiles to B40 entreprenuers who received financial tips and food aid.

The organisation will continue to boost public awareness in money management while working towards the company’s mission to build a better financial future for its investors.

Public Mutual has over 180 funds under its management.

It is also an approved Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) provider, managing nine PRS funds.

It has a total of 31 branches all over the country.

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