April 14, 2024
Local business owner shares tips on saving money in the kitchen | Local News

Dawn Lemaitre, owner of Dishin’ with Dawn, says meal planning goes a long way.

“Look at what’s on sale in the stores,” she says. “Meal plan according to what’s on sale and what’s seasonal in the store.”

She says if chicken or beef is on sale, add it to your cart and freeze leftovers.

“You can use that chicken for enchiladas. You can do tacos. You can do chicken salad sandwiches. Get something you can use multiple times,” explains Lemaitre.

Another step to meal planning is finding the best deals.

“If you download the apps from the different stores, they’ll tell you what’s on sale. Always shop seasonal because it’ll be more cost effective to shop seasonal,” she explains. “But also, the app will tell you what’s on sale for the week and that’s really important.”

Lemaitre says when you plan ahead, get fresh veggies and fruits, and cook at home, you’ll see the benefits.

“You can save a lot of money,” she says. “I don’t know what your grocery bill looks like, but I’d say at least 25% because you’re making it fresh, and it’s healthier.”

Plus, she says cooking is a great date night, girl’s night, or family time. It’s easier to relax knowing you’re saving money.

“Getting in the kitchen should be something that you don’t think about anything else. You just get in there. You’re not thinking about work, you’re not thinking about life. You just get in the kitchen, and you create something delicious,” Lemaitre says. “Then, you build that passion for it.”

Dishin’ with Dawn offers hands-on cooking classes, and Lemaitre says it’s a great way to build confidence in the kitchen while learning how to save money.

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