July 14, 2024
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Well, look what the stork brung. It’s Pedro Pascal in a suit in James Gunn’s DCU (too soon?). Let’s dial it back a few years ago when Gal Gadot was a part of the DCEU and Patty Jenkins was the director.

Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984 | Warner Bros. Pictures

It was the year 2020 when Gal Gadot and Pedro Pascal starred in the DCEU film Wonder Woman 1984. Contrary to the number in the title, WW1984 was a sequel to the 2017 film Wonder Woman and by all means, a failure.

Pedro Pascal To Join James Gunn’s DCU?

In the 2020 film, Pascal portrayed the role of Maxwell Lord, a shrewd enterpreneur who ends up giving people their dreams but… at a personal cost to each one.

David Corenswet as Superman
David Corenswet as Superman in Superman: Legacy | James Gunn’s Instagram

The film ends with the world letting go of their desires and Maxwell Lord defeated. Since the film was considered a failure, Pascal’s role as Lord was actually forgotten by people (until now).

A recent set photo from the sets of James Gunn’s Superman was released on the internet. The photo featured the character of Mr. Teriffic wearing a suit with a certain logo on it.

Upon closer inspection, the logo does look like Lord Maxwell’s business and that could only mean one thing. the heroes are getting sponsorship! Well, quite true, but it could also mean that Pedro Pascal could potentially reprise his role of Maxwell Lord in the upcoming James Gunn’s DCU film!

But on the other hand, it is too soon to confirm or deny that Pascal will indeed be reprising his role in Gunn’s DCU or not. Fans really hope that Pascal will return as Maxwell Lord but it entirely depends on Gunn and Pascal.

But, there are other updates regarding The Last of Us actor which might potentially mean that Pascal will not be available for James Gunn or the DCU since he has already joined the MCU!

Pedro Pascal Is Allegedly Busy With Fantastic Four

Well, ofcourse he is busy working with Marvel Studios and geared up to join the MCU with the upcoming film Fantastic Four. Being a reboot with Matt Shakman attached as director, fans have high hopes and Pascal is portraying the role of Mister Fantastic.

Pedro Pascal - we can be heroes
Pedro Pascal in We Can be Heroes (2020) | Netflix

Although not many details have been revealed about the project, Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn is also alongside Pascal and he has much to say about the project.

In an interview with Comic Book, Quinn gave an update on the filming of Fantastic Four and how his co-stars were faring.

It’s been a wonderful experience so far. We’ve got a wonderful gang on it with Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, to name but a few. I’m very excited. I’m nervous, obviously.

He further continued,

I’m really looking forward to getting into it. The script is amazing. The intention behind it is… We’re going for it.

From starring in HBO’s The Last of Us to portraying an MCU hero, Pedro Pascal is indeed quite busy and seems to have his schedule packed with upcoming projects.

Despite the conflict of schedule, fans are still hoping that Pascal might join James Gunn’s DCU at some point in the future and reprise his role of Maxwell Lord. The 2020 DCEU film, Wonder Woman 1984 received a rating of 5.4/10 on IMDB and a record low of 58% on Rotten Tomatoes.

With low ratings and forgettable characters, Wonder Woman 1984 is available to stream on Max in the U.S.

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