April 19, 2024
Coastal Advice Group acquisitions bring FUM to $1bn

Intelligent Planning has welcomed Keyman Financial Services, with the advice firm moving over from Synchron. 

The risk-focused financial advice practice is based in Windsor, NSW, and was established in 2009, headed up by principal Terry Johnson. Both Johnson’s son and daughter also work at the business as financial advisers plus three support staff.

As one of the first firms to join the organisation, Keyman has also been offered a part-share of Intelligent Planning, which will give it a say in how it runs the business. 

Distribution manager, Matthew Wallis, said: “It’s fantastic to have Keyman on board. They were the NSW winners of the AFA’s 2021 Great Advice Award and they’re a great bunch of people, highly thought of in our community.

“A part-share gives our first practices a bit of ownership in the group and therefore the opportunity to have a say in how we run the business. We’re finding that our offer, which also includes a flat licence pricing model, and a friendly, community type atmosphere is something advisers really like.”

Intelligent Planning is the new name for Dirigere Advisory following a rebrand at the end of January as a boutique financial licensing offering. 

Managing director, Phil Osborne, said: “We saw a widening gap in the financial planning landscape between what today’s professional financial adviser community really wants from a licensee and what the market currently delivers. Intelligent Planning is designed to help fill that gap.” 

Other practices within Intelligent Planning include Wallis’ Sydney-based business, Beta Advice; Canberra-based Hayes & Co, operated by Katherine Hayes, who also sits on the Financial Advisers Association Australia (FAAA) board; Sydney-based holistic practice 1981, owned by Benjamin Brookes; and Perth group, NOR Financial, which services the medical fraternity, owned by Shaun Clements.

Further announcement about another practice coming on board is expected to be finalised within weeks.

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