June 17, 2024
I Work at Whole Foods: Here Are 10 Insider Tips To Save You Money

Whole Foods specializes in high-quality, natural, and organic foods, household products, and health and beauty aids, but it’s also known for being pricey. We spoke to a Whole Foods team member who shared tips for getting all that top-tier goodness at the best possible prices.

Here’s what you need to know to save money when shopping at Whole Foods.

Shop the Sales

Whole Foods frequently has sales, and knowing how they work will help you stock up at lower prices. Each department has regular sales, but the frequency can vary.

For example, the Whole Body department, which includes health and beauty, supplements, etc., has monthly sales. Other departments may have weekly sales. Certain items will be tagged with a yellow “Sale” tag.

Watch for Everyday Low Prices

There are also yellow “Low Price” tags — these are used to indicate that the product consistently has a low price. It’s not a limited-time sale, so you don’t need to stock up on these items.

Check the End Caps

Stores will display sale items on end caps (those displays at the end of each aisle). Don’t miss these deals as you turn the corner into the next aisle!

Take a Chance

Plus, each store has a ‘last chance’ rack for marked-down items. You may have to hunt for this — it may be tucked away in a corner of the store.

Check Individual Store Sales

Most sales are nationwide, but stores can also put certain items on sale if they order too much or a product isn’t selling as well as expected. If you have several Whole Foods in your area, you may find something that’s on sale in one store but not in another.

Be Aware of Category Sales

Once or twice a year, entire categories may go on sale. For example, all supplements, including vitamins, protein powders, and so on, are often on sale for two weeks in September. Everything in the category is 25% off, plus Prime members get an additional 10% off.

Pro tip: If you learn that your local Whole Foods store is moving, expanding, or renovating, run – don’t walk – to grab just about everything on sale. They’d rather sell it at a discount than move it, so take advantage if you can.

Buy the Store Brand

Whole Foods’ generic store brand is 365, and it’s good. High-quality ingredients, minimal packaging, and great prices. You can definitely save money on staples, and many of the 365 products taste just as good as their brand-name counterparts.

Use the App

Whole Foods doesn’t advertise with newspaper inserts, but you can find all the sale prices on the app or on the website at wholefoodsmarket.com. You can choose the store you shop at to see all the specials at that store on the day you’re shopping.

Order on Amazon

You can also order on Amazon.com and pick up your order at your local Whole Foods. If you prefer delivery, Prime members get unlimited free delivery for $9.99 a month.

Pro tip: If you’re shopping with a SNAP EBT card, you can search ‘EBT eligible items’ on Amazon and see exactly what you can use your benefit for. Many 365 products are SNAP-eligible.

Join the Team

If you’re looking for a job — even just a few hours a week — consider working at Whole Foods. Team members get a 20% discount on everything every day. That means 20% off sale prices, clearance prices, specials – everything. If you love shopping at Whole Foods, it’s a really good deal.

Using these tips when shopping at Whole Foods can help you get the most for your money while enjoying the high-quality, natural foods the chain is known for.

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