July 14, 2024
'I won £22million on the lottery - but money doesn't make you happy'

A YouTuber and podcast host who once made $29 million (£22million) on the lottery has revealed what life is like after winning such a big jackpot and said the cash doesn’t guarantee happiness

‘Money can be positive, but it doesn’t necessarily fix all problems,’ Timothy Schulz said(Iowa Lottery)

A lottery winner has spilled their secrets on what life is like after a big win, and it isn’t all smooth sailing.

Podcast host Timothy Schulz said lottery winners can have their world “turned on its head” when a big win comes their way. He told Fox News: “If you were unhappy before, you might be unhappy after…

“There are some very wealthy people in the world who are extremely unhappy. Money can be positive, but it doesn’t necessarily fix all problems.” Schulz has good advice for potential lottery winners, with the Powerball jackpot rising to a massive $1.6billion (£1.25billion) this week. The cash option prize for would be around $782.4million (£611million), possibly the biggest win in history.

Schulz won a huge prize in 1999(Youtube/@TimothySchultz)

Schulz won $29million (£22million) from the Powerball jackpot in 1999. He said that he was hit with “stacks” of letters form people asking him for money and that he found it hard to trust “new people.”

He said: “It felt like some people viewed me as a walking, talking ATM machine… Money can’t fix everything. Our health should not ever be taken for granted. Money can certainly help, but it can’t fix everything.”

‘“It felt like some people viewed me as a walking, talking ATM machine’(Instagram/officialtimothyschultz)

People may react differently to winning such a big prize and there have been numerous examples of individuals across the world who blow through large sums of money quickly. Schulz said it can “magnify personalities.”

“If you are into the church, you may decide to build one,” he said. “If you’re into movies, you may decide to produce a film. If you enjoy fishing, that may become a full-time hobby. People often become larger versions of themselves.”

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