June 17, 2024
I Stopped Doing Any Shopping in Person and I Save Way More Money Now — Here's Why

Shopping online is changing the landscape of retail, and more people are turning to their devices to make purchases. According to Yaguara, 274.7 million consumers shop online in the United States as of 2023 — over 81% of the total population.

And it’s easy to see why so many prefer online shopping. With the click of a button, consumers can have everything from groceries to household necessities and clothes delivered quickly. Plus, shoppers can save money and time. GOBankingRates spoke with two consumers who have switched to only online shopping about the perks and how much money they save.

Apps Make Online Shopping Quick and Easy

Forget making shopping lists and trying to remember off the top of your head what you need from the store. There’s apps that do the work for you and simplify your shopping needs by taking note of your purchase history.

“Given my hectic lifestyle, I’ve found that online shopping significantly streamlines my day-to-day activities,” said Roman Zrazhevskiy, founder and CEO of MIRA Safety.

Zrazhevskiy, who is based in Texas, has shopped only online since the COVID-19 pandemic and relies on two apps: Farmhouse and Favor.

“This efficiency not only frees up my time but also reduces the stress associated with physical shopping,” he said. “Both apps offer automated ordering. It gives me a list of the things I always order — but you also get to see your previous purchases.”

He’s a fan of Farmhouse, because it “lets you create a Favorite list, which you can check whenever you’re going to have your weekly service delivery.”

He added, “Favor is another app that lets you automate your orders. The great thing about Favor is they support a wide range of stores and even restaurants. The essentials I buy typically consist of fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs and meat. Sometimes, we need other things, like toiletries and dog food.”

Zrazhevskiy emphasized how the efficiency of the apps makes online shopping such an advantage for him. “Ultimately, it’s the time and mental load that these apps save for me.”

Online Shopping Offers More Options

For Shawn Plummer, CEO of The Annuity Expert, shopping online offers more options.

“Popular household brands are conveniently available in retail stores, but my shopping list often includes items sourced from various places, making it inefficient to shop in physical stores,” he said. “The items I seek are often not found in one location, because I deliberately choose eco-friendly, bulk and sustainable products. These niche products require visits to multiple specialized stores, making online shopping a more convenient option.”

He noted a few specific places:

  • Sevananda: Bulk spices, herbs and organic produce
  • Hello Atlo: Zero-waste non-liquids, like eco-friendly dental floss and liquid soap refills, if they’re unavailable at Sevananda
  • Sprouts: Grains, pasta, flour and more.

Shopping Online Saves Time

Time is money, and in today’s fast-paced world, many shoppers find it essential to cut back on time-consuming activities like shopping in person.

“Online shopping saves me at least two hours each month, time that would otherwise be spent in physical stores,” Plummer said. “This efficiency allows me to focus on other important activities, enhancing my overall productivity.”

Zrazhevskiy also saves time by skipping the lines. “By ordering online, I save at least two hours that would otherwise be spent traveling, dealing with traffic, queuing and searching for items in-store.” He added, “While the occasional shipping delay can be a drawback, the overall time savings and convenience far outweigh this minor inconvenience.”

Save Money Shopping Online

Savvy shoppers can also save money online. Plummer buys in bulk, which racks up the savings. “We definitely save more with the lower cost per unit, typically around 25% to 35%,” he said.

“We do comparison shopping, because prices vary among bulk suppliers,” he added. “Lesser-known brands often offer cheaper options than the more commercialized and popular ones.”

Zrazhevskiy saves money by not driving to the store. “I’m saving around $50-$100 in gas.”

Online Shopping Reduces Waste

For some consumers, shopping online also makes it easier to stick to their values.

“Online shopping aligns with my values of sustainability and efficiency despite the occasional issue of waiting for deliveries,” Plummer said. “I strive to support local and sustainable brands. I prioritize eco-friendly items and zero-waste products, and I buy in bulk to reduce waste and support eco-friendly practices… Shopping online also reduces unnecessary travel, reducing a carbon footprint.”

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