June 17, 2024
How Professional Sports Gamblers Make Money Online (DNKG)

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The gambling industry in the US has exploded in recent years, and suffused every aspect of sports consumption. You can bet on who will win or lose just about any game in the world from your phone. In fact, you don’t even have to just bet on games. You can bet on how many home runs a player will hit, or how many sets it will take to complete a given tennis match. So how does it all work? Who is setting the lines? Can a user actually make money? And how do the sportsbooks make money? On this episode, we speak with Isaac Rose-Berman, a professional sports gambler and author of the How Gambling Works newsletter. He talks about the tactics he uses to make money, and also how the betting sites make money from their users. We discuss market structure, the societal impact of the gambling boom, and what types of regulations might best curb the more harmful aspects of the industry.

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