July 14, 2024
How Much Money Do They Make

Renowned football Chandler Jones‘s net worth has become a popular topic among fans, especially following recent events in his personal life. Fans are eager to learn more about his private life and the various sources contributing to his income.

Here’s a comprehensive look into Chandler Jones’ net worth and how he earns his income.

What is Chandler Jones’s net worth in 2024?

Chandler Jones has approximately a net worth of $50 Million in 2024.

Chandler Jones is a popular NFL player, born and raised in New York. He developed an interest in football in high school and continued to play it throughout his college years too. Later, the New England Patriots drafted him in 2012’s first round. He played for them for four years, before switching to the Arizona Cardinals in 2016, and later to the Las Vegas Raiders in 2022. According to Over The Cap, Jones’s career earnings are $131,507,054.

Chandler Jones’s earnings explained — how do they make money?

Jones’s estimated earnings are derived from his NFL contracts over his 12-year career.

NFL Contracts

Jones made a professional football debut with the New England Patriots, signing a four-year contract in 2012. According to Sportskeeda, during his time with the titular team, he bagged almost $8,173,499. In 2016, the Arizona Cardinals picked him in exchange for Jonathan Cooper. He played for them for six years and earned $90,322,011. Later, he joined the Las Vegas Raiders in 2022, signing a $51 million contract for three years.

NFL Salaries

Initially, Jones signed a one-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals, receiving an average annual salary of $14,550,000. The contract extended for five years, earning $16,500,000 annually. In addition, he was eligible for signing bonuses worth $15 million. He receives a $17 million salary annually in his tenure with the Las Vegas Raiders.

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