July 14, 2024
Five ways for electric vehicle owners to save money charging your EV

THESE are the five ways electric vehicle owners can save money when charging up their cars.

With many summer road trips to come, taking advantage of cheaper deals and offers could prove timely.

A handful of hacks for saving on EV charging have been revealedCredit: Getty
They give EV owners the chance at saving even more

According to finance website This is Money, this handful of money-saving hacks could help power EV drivers on the roads through summer.

1. Gridserve’s summer sale

Gridserve owns 190 charging locations across forecourts and motorways.

The company has now launched an app – and if you use it, you’ll get 20 per cent off charging.

The discount can be applied at any of the locations and is valid until October 1, making for cheaper summertime fill-ups.

2. Cheaper home charging

Standard Variable Tariff was brought down to 22.4p/kWh on July 1, the lowest mark in nearly two years.

Paying less for electricity at home means spending less on charging up your EV.

Drivers who can charge at home will enjoy the savings even during on-peak times.

Savvy EV owners can gain an even greater advantage by scheduling charging for off-peak hours due to EV-specific tariffs.

3. EDF launch EVolve Sept25 tariff

Energy company EDF has launched a cheaper new EV tariff called EVolve Sept25.

While the day rate is the same as standard variable, the off-peak rate is being cut by 10p.

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The deal gives drivers five weeks of overnight off-peak charging – between midnight and 5am.

EVolve is available for any make or model.

4. Use Intelligent Octopus Go with a smart charger

Intelligent Octopus Go, by Octopus Energy, claims to cut EV charging costs by up to 70 per cent.

Customers can automatically charge their EV at the cheapest times.

The cheaper tariff combines with smart charger Ohme to bring prices down.

5. Plunge pricing parties

Octopus also has launched “plunge pricing” events – when renewable energy is abundant, customers can charge up on the cheap.

It means EV drivers with Octopus should take note of the days forecast for increased sunshine or wind.

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When supply is high and demand low, those with Octopus Electroverse card or app can cash in.

Electroverse boss Matt Davies said: “This is a massive milestone: for the first time drivers can power up and pay less on the public charging network when green energy’s abundant.”

The five ways to save money on EV charging

  1. Gridserve app’s 20 per cent summer discount
  2. Cheaper home charging with lower standard variable tariff
  3. EDF’s new cheaper tariff for off-peak
  4. Pair Intelligent Octopus Go with a smart charger
  5. Octopus ‘plunge pricing’
Octopus Energy have launched new ways to bring prices downCredit: Alamy
The money-saving tips come with Brits hitting the roads for summer holsCredit: Getty

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