April 19, 2024
Chloe Bailey shocked to know TikTok stream can help her make money

Chloe Bailey shocked to know TikTok stream can help her make money

When Chloe Bailey launched a TikTok livestream on Tuesday, she had a surprise in store.

The 25-year-old singer of FYSspoke with fans and gave updates on her music and other happenings during her more than hour-long appearance on TikTok Live earlier this week.

However, Bailey soon discovered that the viewers of the livestream were giving her more than just love when they started mailing her hearts and flowers; they were also giving her financial presents.

“Oh, this is money you all are sending me? It’s not just cute little [emojis?]” she said, trailing off.

The singer and actress realised, “Oh, that’s why they go: ‘Ice cream, yum, yum, thanks for the roses!'” She recalled a 2023 viral moment in which TikTokers like Pinkydoll encouraged social media users to “act like non-player characters” to profit from the emoji-based gifts that their livestream viewers gave them.

She asked her audience, half-jokingly, “Now how do I collect that?” as she searched for the money that her followers were sending her. “Wait a minute.”

“Dollar make me holler,” Bailey continued, laughing along to jokes that her viewers commented. “Y’all making me get some money for talking? Y’all like me that much?”

“Somebody said, ‘Come back on here,’” she finished the short clip from the Live. “I’m gonna come back on here every day!”

To collect funds from a TikTok livestream, fans can send stickers and diamonds to their favourite creators. These gifts range in value from 99 cents to over $500.

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