June 14, 2024
Build a wealth plan and a portfolio that is custom-made for you

How expert guidance from this powerful wealth management team can help you reach your goals

Planning for your future and creating your own personalized pension plan is not about “beating the market”.

With that comes volatility, says Grant Moyle, Senior Wealth Advisor with the Moyle Rowley Wealth Management Group at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth. “Our goal is to build you a wealth plan and portfolio that is tailored specifically to you, achieving your desired rate of return while taking on the least amount of risk to get there.”

Grant and Senior Wealth Advisor Steve Rowley, CFA®, offer elite, all-encompassing wealth advisory services, which include investment advice, wealth management and retirement planning. Together they have more than 60 years’ of experience and extensive supplementary education. They work together collaboratively, with skills that complement each other, offering the best of investment planning and overall wealth management.

Over the years—since the 1990s—the pair has seen it all, from wildly fluctuating markets to unique financial challenges.

“We know that our combined efforts have the potential to yield far better results than if we worked alone,” says Rowley. Where Moyle sees the bigger picture and excels at strategic thinking, Rowley is a portfolio planner who is licensed to execute various strategies through options and other derivatives.

The process starts with an assessment of each client’s goals and needs. The pair then use a knowledge-based approach to create a custom-tailored solution. Their work has been very well-received by clients, as evidenced by the duo’s high retention rate.

Pension-style management

The pair focus primarily on pension-style management—something they see as a key differentiator from what other firms are offering.

While this strategy is often employed for individuals and businesses, Moyle and Rowley use it in conjunction with a wealth plan that has been specifically tailored for each client. “No two portfolios are alike in our practice, because no two clients have the exact same needs or goals,” says Rowley.

You don’t just have to be a charity or a large business; the pair can offer this approach to retail clients of high net worth and smaller businesses too.

“We are firm believers in the way we do it,” says Moyle. “I’ve been in this business since 1990 and I’ve seen a lot. Being able to offer this type of service at the individual level can be a game-changer and that’s why we’re so passionate about it.”

The pair value stability and building lifelong partnerships, which they believe are the keys to a successful future. They are proud of the many clients who have worked with them throughout their entire careers. Client trust, after all, is the best advertising.

Families and intergenerational wealth

Not every firm works with families and has experience helping them manage intergenerational wealth. There are unique challenges and complexities that come with this type of service. Moyle and Rowley, however, often work with this kind of client group, including two, three and even four generations of family members.

This kind of work requires a specific skill set, deep knowledge and a deft touch. The pair take a holistic approach when working with families and leverage a number of tools, always keeping estate planning, succession planning, wealth management, tax efficiency and money management at the forefront.

“The holistic approach is the most effective in building net worth,” says Rowley, “particularly for families who are managing wealth through multiple generations and thinking about their legacy.”

Staying the course

Never underestimate the importance of discipline, patience and trust—it is essential for client success, according to the pair.

“Time in the market is a bigger determinant of client success than timing the market,” says Moyle. When he looks back on some of the toughest times his clients have experienced, many of these were preceded by decisions made in the heat of the moment. “Financial fads often cause more problems than they solve.”

Fluctuations in the market can’t be avoided, of course. They will happen, but it’s your response that matters. While no advisor can mitigate every risk, Moyle and Rowley keep clients informed and engaged throughout, so that even when times are tough, they know they are never alone.

The pair works closely with a team of professionals that includes lawyers, accountants and others to make sure that all parts of a client’s financial life are connected. They use the same strategies for their own personal investments as they do for their clients.

Investing in tomorrow

Moyle Rowley Wealth Management Group will soon be expanding, bringing their financial planning and portfolio management expertise to Barrie and building a second office right downtown.

The growth is in line with their desire to be able to effectively service families that may be between the Simcoe area and also have business in Toronto.

To build your own customized wealth plan and portfolio, visit Moyle Rowley Wealth Management Group of Wellington-Altus Private Wealth. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Grant Moyle, Senior Wealth Advisor

  • 675 Cochrane Drive, Suite 501
  • Markham, ON L3R 0B8
  • Toll-Free: 888-421-7327
  • Direct: 289-800-9996
  • Cell: 416-697-5269
  • [email protected]

Steven Rowley, CFA, Senior Wealth Advisor

  • 675 Cochrane Drive, Suite 501
  • Markham, ON L3R 0B8
  • Toll-Free: 888-421-7327
  • Direct: 289-800-9996
  • Cell: 416-988-9436
  • [email protected]

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