July 14, 2024
Best Human Capital Management (HCM) Software in 2024

Like Paylocity, Uzio is also a truly all-in-one HCM platform that includes everything you need to run HR and manage your employees. However, its pricing structure is unique in that, instead of an overarching HCM (or HRIS or HR) plan, every feature is sold separately.

This could be a boon for businesses that already have another solution and just need individual features or small businesses with limited needs, but the price can add up quickly if you’re looking to use Uzio for all your HCM needs.


Though Uzio offers a wide array of features, the value proposition is very shaky because you have to pay for each feature and service individually. This means if you want payroll, you’ll need to shell out $55 per month plus $6.50 per month per employee — already a fairly expensive ask. Want HRIS services? They’ll cost you another $4.50 per month per employee.

As you can see, the price can add up fast, especially for larger companies, and there are other HCM software providers that offer full packages for the price of some of Paylocity’s individual features.


Despite its piecemeal pricing structure, Uzio shines in terms of functionality. It is a truly all-in-one platform with HRIS, payroll, benefits, time tracking and everything else you’d expect from a complete HCM solution.

Uzio has also jumped on the AI and machine learning bandwagon, and empowers users to deploy its Uzio AI Copilot to streamline operations and help out with common HR and payroll tasks. AI will continuously learn from interactions and change and adapt accordingly, so the platform should improve as you use it.


Uzio’s resources hub includes a blog with articles on topics like navigating new laws and regulations, news about company updates and infographics to provide easily digestible data on trends and technologies. You can also connect with Uzio support through a contact form on the website or by phone or email.

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