July 14, 2024
8 Home Goods Every First-Time Homeowner Needs To Get at Costco

Buying a house is an exciting time. But you may be strapped for cash after shelling out for your down payment, closing costs, and even moving expenses.

How can you furnish and outfit your new home on a budget? Enter: Costco to the rescue. The wholesale club offers everything from home appliances to living room sofas, cleaning goods, and more. If you already have a membership, you can put that $60 fee towards items you need for your home.

But even if you aren’t already a member, if you have a Costco location near your new home, you’ll find it’s worth the price. You can start saving money on day one by stocking up on household essentials and home décor you’ll need. And don’t forget to fill up that rental moving van with Costco fuel, which typically runs 20 to 50 cents cheaper than other gas stations.

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