July 24, 2024
7 On Your Side: Here's how solar batteries can help you save power costs at your home

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Keeping the lights on is getting more expensive, even if you have solar panels.

For some consumers, one way to save money is a home battery that captures energy produced by those panels.

“It makes more financial sense to use the energy your solar panels are producing,” says Jon Reed, a solar battery expert with CNET. “And the only way you can do that outside of running all your appliances when the sun is out is to use a battery to store that power.”

Tesla is the leader in home batteries.

When the sun is shining the batteries charge and when the sun goes down, the batteries take over.

But it’s not cheap.

Reed says batteries can cost $10,000 or more, depending on the type and amount of storage you need.

For most the battery can offer backup power for a few hours.

Another option: Some electric cars and trucks, like Ford’s electric F-150, can also be used to provide power to the home.

While the new batteries won’t get you fully off the grid, they can offer big savings.

And like solar panels, there are government subsidies and rebates available to help lower the price.

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