April 15, 2024
35 Fitness Products That’ll Save You Some Money In The Long Run Because You’ll Get To Ditch That Expensive Gym Membership

NewMe Fitness is a small business creating high-quality fitness products for strength training, weight training, and yoga. The mat is 24” wide x 68″ long and 5mm thick! It’s made with a moisture-wicking material that’ll keep sweat at bay and is great for hot yoga, too.

Promising reviews:I use this mat more than I ever took classes. Not sure if it is good for beginners, but if you have basic class instruction already, it gives you a great sequence of moves you are familiar with. Most I can do, a few I have never done.” —Mng Parker

“This mat is great for a quick guide to various yoga poses. The length, thickness, and comfort make it a great purchase. I look forward to many future uses.” —Baglady

Get it from Amazon for $32.99+ (available in six colors).

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