April 19, 2024
33 Inexpensive Ways To Save Money In The Long Run

The menstrual cup factor that freaked me out the most was the thought of having to get up there and break the seal to take it out. So when I saw the Flex Cup, which is specifically designed to make that process easier, I figured why not give it a try. This is a purchase I would definitely file under the ‘life-changing’ category. Yes, there is a learning curve, but by my second cycle with the cup I felt like a pro. Even with the pull tab, taking it out can be a little messy (I tend to just do it in the shower), but it’s definitely a more controlled experience than if it wasn’t there at all. With my flow, I can leave my cup in for 12 straight hours without fear (can’t say the same about tampons…), meaning The Flex Cup has made my period less awful. A true feat!

Promising review: “So very happy with my purchase!! Fits comfortably! Easy to insert and remove just takes some getting used to. Save money on pads and tampons! Very very very happy with this purchase.” —Evie

Get it from Amazon for $29.92 (available in two sizes). 

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