February 23, 2024

7 Errors & Goofs in Community You Never Caught

Now in season 6, Community is gaining fans after what seemed like a rocky season. With the newest episodes being taken on by Yahoo! Screen, fans have mixed feelings about the future of the series. But, those who are devoted to the show have said they plan to stay on board and see what happens.


Even with some expressing their hesitancy with Yahoo! taking over, it seems Community fans are sticking around and hoping for the best. And if you’re one of those who like the show, there’s a good chance you’ve had the opportunity to watch one of the countless re-runs, but there’s also a good chance you didn’t catch any of these seven errors or goofs – many of which have been repeated multiple times throughout the series.

  1. The show’s set in Colorado, which is known for beautiful aspens and wonderful mountains, but there’s one thing everyone knows Colorado doesn’t have: palm trees. In many of the episodes, palm trees are clearly present in the background of the scenes.
  2. In the first season, Troy said that he hurt his shoulder during a keg flip. In a later season, it was changed to his knee.
  3. Shirley is established as a Baptist throughout the series, but she can be caught doing the Catholic “sign of the cross” in multiple episodes, which is something a practicing Baptist would never do.
  4. The third time “Beetlejuice” is said in the series, he’s spotted walking by in the background.
  5. In every season, at least one “Wilhelm Scream” can be heard.
  6. In season one, Abed and Troy have a “Boob-A-Tron 6000” and Abed says it will come to life when bong water is spilt on its circuitry. In a later season, a flashback moment showed the machine “alive.”
  7. Dan Harmon based the show on his own experiences at community college when he tried to reconcile with his girlfriend in Spanish class. He’s admittedly based many of the characters on real-life friends.


Devoted fans of the show have followed it from its very beginnings on NBC. In season five, the network pushed to cancel it, and Sony (the production owner) began talking with Hulu about having them pick up the series. The deal collapsed, but soon after Yahoo! signed on to a 13-episode run.

The show’s creators and stars have been rather silent about the change, fans quickly began expressing their dismay when the newest episodes began to air in March, 2015. While still not discussing the circumstances, it’s believed that ratings have dropped, but Yahoo! is likely to take the show on for another season.

Most fans know that the continued success of the show doesn’t really rely on the actors or writers: the popularity and reach of Yahoo! Screen will ultimately determine whether Community and other Yahoo originals continue into the future.

Even though some fans of the show voiced their dislike for the latest season, they also expressed their devotion, with many saying they plan to stick it out and see what happens. It’s expected (and hoped by many) that next season will see a steady rate of views, and possibly even an increase. Critics have stated that the platform needs to be expanded, and if Yahoo! continues adding shows like Community that already have a fan base, that’s exactly what they’ll succeed in doing.

So, even if you already caught some of these goofs and errors, there’s a good chance you’ll have at least have a few more seasons to experience the inside jokes and situational comedy that Community has to offer. While nothing has been confirmed yet, fans are keeping their fingers crossed that the show will live for at least one more season, and it’s a very good chance they’re correct.

Even though ratings dropped in the past few seasons, overall, the show still held high viewership on NBC before they chose to cut it off. While many have speculated the show was cut due to budgetary constraints and the frequent stabs taken at Glee (another successful NBC show), it’s still mostly unknown why the network chose to cancel it. Either way, fans stuck around and it seems the majority of them have carried over to the Yahoo! platform, which is good news for both Community fans and Yahoo! Screen.

No matter what the future has in store for Community or Yahoo! fans will be happy to hear that the stars of the show are already talking of the next season, which means there’s a good chance Community will be returning yet again.

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