June 19, 2024

Thinking of Getting Comcast? 5 Reasons Why You Should Probably Think Again

Comcast has announced their new steaming service, Stream. At $15 a month, it seems almost too good to be true. We have five reasons why the deal isn’t as good as it seems. Read on to find out more.

1.    Complete misdirection when it comes to the prices you’ll pay.

You will probably be taken in by the allure of a one-payment, $15 a month plan that Comcast seems to be offering. However, this is a complete misdirection on the part of the company. You have to use the $15 a month in collaboration with a Comcast internet subscription, which is probably going to be around fifty to sixty dollars a month. Then, you have to use a modem – a modem provided by Comcast at the rate of an extra $10 a month. (For what it’s worth, it costs around $50 to buy a modem outright, so the rental process isn’t exactly in your financial interest.) All told, the $15 a month is considerably more than the advertised price.

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2.    You can get most of the channels for free anyway.

The jewel in the crown of Comcast’s new Stream service is that you have access to HBO as an incentive – a paid-for channel which is home to some of the biggest shows on television. However, what the small print tells you is that most of the television channels you can get with Comcast Stream are already Freeview channels anyway. Ultimately, the amount of paid channels you are getting with Comcast Stream is low, and there are other, cheaper options for getting those paid-for channels without using the Stream service.

3.    Comcast has historically had terrible customer service.

They are historically one of the most complained about services for their internet and cable support help lines. One only has to look around the web to see numerous complaints of poor service, incorrect billing incidents, and a complete disregard for customer care when it comes to problem resolution. Comcast claim that Stream will work smoothly and run without problems, but it remains to be seen whether or not they will be able to deliver on this promise; after all, they have a suspicious track record and no company would use that negative press as part of their marketing campaign for a new service.

4.    You can’t use it on the go.

The major benefit of streaming services such as Netflix and HBO Go is that they are suitable for use across the many devices and demands of modern life. If you are a commuter, then you can watch Netflix on your tablet. If you stream music, you can do that on your smartphone at the grocery store. Stream by Comcast will only allow you to use the service when you are at home, watching on your television.

5.    Even Comcast offers you better deals elsewhere.

In case you weren’t interested in their competitors, it only takes a simple calculation to realize that Stream is not the best option, but it isn’t even the best deal that Comcast offers a little off? All told, Stream will cost around $75 to $85 a month, all expenses considered. For basic internet and television packages, Comcast offer similar services starting at just $45 a month.

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