What was Trump Thinking?


Former talk show host, Arsenio Hall, defeated former American Idol runner up Clay Aiken, earning $250,000 to go along with his $167,000 he raised on his project to support the Magic Johnson Foundation. What was Mr. Trump thinking? Clay raised over $300,000 for his charity and won this fair and square!

The only part of the challenge Arsenio won on the last night was the baffle you with bullsh#@t challenge as he said he took time off to care for his son and was now re-emerging as a late night talk show host.  He goes on to say that people out there like Joan Rivers and Pierce Morgan let all of their talent and success shine a light on the banner that Trump gave them and he’ll be out there giving too. Hall said he has been on the cover of Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal, and has lived the life of the Apprentice if he will only give him the title.

Arsenio shares how important it is to be number one. He said everybody has heard about Idol many times, but that he was number two when he was on Carson and was number two in a magic contest when he was a little boy. He tells Trump he needs to be number one.  Come on man. Have some shame and quit begging!

The task for the finale was to create a 30 second charity awareness ad, producing and executing a variety show to entertain guests and sell tickets in order to raise money for their charities.

For their awareness ads, Arsenio acted in the 80’s skit and featured Magic Johnson and Clay portrayed young children playing games.  Clay put together a carnival themed atmosphere with games, plate spinning acts, and prizes to keep it about the children for his charity, The National Inclusion Project. Arsenio threw a party with soft lighting and his presentation had a magic act with comedian acts.

At the finalist’s events, Clay seemed to have more people and his first contributor offered up $20,000. Arsenio’s party was a little slower getting started. Trump dropped by to observe both events and measure the success. Both Trump and the project managers were pleased with how things were going.

As it was time for the boardroom, daddy Trump was joined by Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr.  Arsenio and Clay both feel their teams won. Trump then announced that the finalists would judged on show, party, charity, awareness ad, and money raised, although the most money raised may not necessarily be the winner. Regardless of the amount raised, each contestant was able to keep the money they raised for their charity with the winner getting an additional quarter of a million.

Trump then pooled eliminated contestants as to their preference of a winner. Most of the contestants picked Clay as the winner with Dayana and Teresa picking Arsenio. The finalists were introduced during the live event final on Sunday night’s episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”  Clay gave his pitch before Arsenio could steal the floor this time.

After both finalists offered their final pitch, Trump revealed Arsenio as the next “Celebrity Apprentice.”

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