Was Your Favorite Cable Show In The Top Spot?

It all comes down to the ratings, no matter how much you like the show. So, if your favorite isn’t on this list, keep checking back. Ratings can drop drastically, then make a sudden comeback.

For April 4, 2012, the top five cable shows go as follows:

“Tosh.O” was number one, again. Tosh.O is a show that deals with everything from the mildly humorous down to the eccentric and bizarre. With David Tosh leading the way on sarcastic and witty commentary, viewers are introduced to the flamboyant, comical and just plain strange world of online viral video. It covers video posted online from all over the world, with Tosh offering the subjects of these videos an opportunity at web redemption. It comes on at 10:00 pm on Comedy Central.

“Dance Moms” came in second on the ratings list. It airs at 9:00 pm on Lifetime. The show follows Abby Lee Miller, of the Abby Lee Dance Company. While trying to teach these children how to become world-renowned dancers, Miller also has to deal with the mothers that want to make sure their children succeed. The program shows the sometimes grueling world of dance competition and the International programming-personal relationships between those that are involved.

Third on the list of favorites for April 4 was the reality show “Hardcore Pawn” on Tru TV. The show is set in the middle of Detroit, in a very bad part of town. It shows the day to day dilemmas and trials of running a pawn shop, with the occasional perks that having such a business can allow. The Gold family owns and operates the largest pawn shop in Detroit, so the money is worth the risk.

The fourth on this list is “Justified”, airing on FX at 10:00 pm. This series was based on the short story ‘Fire in the Hole’ by Elmore Leonard. The series portrays Raylan Givens, a US Marshal, in the hills of Lexington, Kentucky. Givens thinks “outside the box” when carrying out his law enforcement duties. Timothy Olyphant plays the part of the sometimes misunderstood Raylan Givens. The show is now in its fourth season.

Lastly, American families are enjoying the storage wars of Texas. “Storage Wars Texas” airs at 10:00 pm, 10:30 pm and 11:00 pm on AEN. Despite circulating rumors that reality shows of this nature are loosely scripted and staged, this show is still garnering almost a million viewers per show. The show followers bidders that bid on abandoned or lost storage units as they search for the “big score”. Walt Cade acts as the professional auctioneer that leads the bidding. The show also has some colorful personalities, like Morris “Moe” Prigoff, Lesa Lewis, Jerry Simpson, Ricky Smith and others. These characters bring more than money to the auctions, with big hopes and sometimes big attitudes.

There you have it. These shows are the top five in the American thumbs-up viewing selections. If you’ve never watched them before, take a look. If your show didn’t make the top five this time, check back. It could be there next time!

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