“Veep” Recap

The Vice President is on her fundraiser for clean jobs when Gary brings up the new thing to help support Clean Jobs, utensils made of corn products.  The VP promotes the idea and somehow she is quoted and it leaks all over Twitter.

By the time Selina gets to her fundraiser there are literally five senators and congressman there.  The rest have decided to bail out on the event because they are plastics promoters and not corn products supporters.  Selina is furious between Gary whispering in his ear and Amy trying to figure out what went wrong.  Amy finally gets it and sets up a meeting with Dan so that Selina can meet with Barbara and hopefully get plastics back on her side.

The meeting however does not go as planned and Selina fails to get plastics back on her side and both she and Barbara are informed that Senator Reeves has passed away.  Barbara makes a comment about how perverted he was and the two women call it a day, but not before Dan chimes in and tells Selina two things she could have improved about her campaign.

Back at the office Jonas is waiting for the Veep to ask her to fill in for the president at a ball that evening.  She says that she is busy until he must remind her that he works at the white house and she must do as he says.

That evening on the way to the dinner Selina asks Amy if Dan is a good worker, Amy cannot express enough how much of a “shit” he is and the topic is dropped.

At the ball Selina is prepared to make a speech about when Jonas chimes in and edits her remarks at the last minute taking out comments on oil, clean jobs, lack of plastic products and everything else Selina was going to talk about.  She is left with nothing to say and wings her speech.  It is filled with awkwardness and topped with a comment about “retards” resulting in a front page news story.

Selina meets with a man from Mental Health in order to mend her remarks and Jonas comes by to have her sign a condolence card for Senator Reeve’s wife.  Selina tells Amy to sign the card while she clears her name.

Amy however, is being snarky with Jonas and accidently signs her own name instead of the senators.  Meanwhile, Dan stops by and explains how he sold Barbara down the river by blaming the “retard” comment on her.

Amy realizes her card mistake and Gary is sent to Jonas’ office to retrieve the card.  He does so only by exchanging a date with Amy for the card.  However, when they get the card back the President has already signed it and it is Dan who saves the day by forging the President’s signature.

Selina brings Amy into her office and informs her that she has hired Dan, and Amy is weary because Dan is not trustworthy however what is done is done.

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