“Undercover Boss” in Season Three on CBS

The two-time Emmy Award-nominated show on CBS, “Undercover Boss,” is featuring its eighth episode in the “Taylormade Golf Company.”  The CBS show airs Fridays at 8pm and is a true reality in every sense of the word. The boss, Mark King, is in charge of 2000 employees. He formerly worked as a sales rep and has been an avid golfer since he was a young kid. He loves the game of golf and the best part of being CEO is that he can come and go as he pleases, so he does a lot of golfing.

Mark went undercover this week in hopes to discover the reason for a decline in sales since 2000.  With his position as CEO, Mark needs to determine the areas that need improvement or change to get the company back on track with increased sales, even in a poor economy.  Mark was presented as Al Bauer, a golf enthusiast.

Al’s first assignment is to meet Caley, the Quality Control Auditor in the Westminster, South Carolina facility, a golf ball manufacturing plant. She shows Mark how to inspect each and every ball, relaying to him that she does upwards of 5000 each day. Al (Mark) is super slow as he inspects the balls one at a time. Caley instructs him to do three at a time to keep the process moving. Next Caley moves over to the stamping process to look at the balls after they have been stamped, where Mark is also having a hard time keeping up.

As they move to the paint area, Mark is really struggling to keep up. Caley shares that the job is really stressful with no supervisors and she works alone on the night shift at 21. By now, the two are at final inspection with 6 boxes to check for imperfections.  If they find more than 3 bad ones, the must reject the whole pallet. Caley then shares some personal info with Mark.

In another area of the plant, Mark meets the Returns Supervisor, Teresa, as she shows him the return scanning process. Mark struggles with using the computer. Teresa has been there for 10 years and shares that she developed the return process and that when defects are returned, they get cut and thrown in the trash. Mark is not happy about trashing the merchandise. While Teresa doesn’t like it either, she told him that is what they are supposed to do. Teresa shares that she is single and 53 with no children. Mark lets Teresa in on his secret and praises her for her good work.

Mark completes his experience and meets with his board members to tell them what needs to be done to improve the company. He then meets with the employees. Caley is first.  Mark lets her know that he is proud of her for the responsibility she shows on the job.  He can not find the type of dog that Caley has always wanted, but gives her $3000 to buy it herself, plus $10,000 to help her get her dream home.

Mark meets with Teresa last to let her know that they intend to make golf available to inner-city kids with the returns instead of tossing them in the trash. He also offered her a week of paid vacation and $5000 to spend on whatever she wants. The ultimate gift to Teresa was an all expense paid trip to Australia.

Since the taping of the show, Caley and her husband are searching for a house to buy with her new dog, and Theresa is getting ready to go on her Australian vacation. Tune in to this week’s episode Friday nights 8pm on CBS.

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