This Week on “The View”

Today’s topics on “The View” encompassed the latest trends and headlines from Ashley Judd on the hit series “Missing” as she thwarts off rumors of her plastic surgery to Alec Baldwin’s alleged stalker claiming that he led her on in a relationship.

Sherri dropped in from LA on the live show today offering the inside scoop on why Melissa Gilbert was rushed to the hospital after performing Monday night on “Dancing with the Stars.” She also answered questions about how tough the judges are getting on the dance show contest.

The first guest today was Steve Harvey as he sat with the hosts on the show to talk about how he is taking his new best-selling book Act Like A Lady, Think Like a Man to the big screen and how he is using his own personal spin on daytime TV. Members of the audience went home with a copy of his book and soundtrack of the movie.

Especially exciting on “The View” this week, the stars from the hottest new sitcom “Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23” showed up to join the hosts. Krysten Ritter shared how she owed her break in TV all to Whoopi and Dreama Walker talked about her hobby that was impossible.  Also, Debra Messing discussed starring in the television series “Smash” and told about why she was forced to join Twitter.

The show also capitalized on ABC’s Lara Spencer as she took them on a trendy redecorating mission showing how to spend thousands less by learning to use those hidden treasures from garage sales, flee markets, thrift stores and even dumpsters.

The audience responded to Oprah’s companion, Stedman Graham as he sat down with the girls for a rare interview to express how he keeps his own identity and share how Oprah is dealing with life after her long-standing hit talk show.

After this, medical expert, Jorge Rodriguez, graced the set to talk about acid reflux, something that over 60 million Americans suffer from on a daily basis. The doctor explained how he would ditch the meds and drugs and use healing foods that sooth the pain and teach you to eat meals you would never have thought you could.

On this day on “The View”, members of the studio audience were awarded with a set of Crest and Oral B products, a copy of Spencer’s book, I Break for Yard Sales, Graham’s book, Identity: Your Passport to Success, and Rodriguez’s book, The Acid Reflux Solution.

Viewers tuned in to “The View” this week for the hot celeb gossip topics that everyone is talking about.  The tabloid rumors say Bristol Palin is living with her boyfriend and Kim Kardashian has a new soul-mate. Christy Brinkley reveals how glad she is that the  mud-slinging is finally over from her divorce and she is having a ball on Broadway.

Sherri showed up for the hot topics again this week and the hosts offered members of the audience the gift of a year’s supply of Gevalia Caffe and coffee mug. Don’t miss the hot topics on “The View” when you order Comcast Cable TV Packages.

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