There’s A Lot To Learn For Lindsey From “16 And Pregnant”

Lindsey is a well-rounded multi-tasker from Reno, Nevada.  She lives with her Mother and little sister but their house is so small that Lindsey and her sister must share a bed.  She also looks up to her older sisters Lacey and Dallas who do not currently live with them.

Lindsey has been with her boyfriend, Forest, for three years.  The two make a cute couple and had a relatively smooth relationship until Lindsey revealed the news that she was pregnant and intends to keep the baby which would make Lindsey and Forest parents at the ripe age of 16.

After breaking this news Lindsey’s life took a miniature pitfall, Forest broke up with her for a couple of months and she realized that she could no longer complete her dream of becoming a professional cage fighter by the age of 18.   Even though Lindsey cannot continue cage fighting in her pregnant state she is reluctant about telling her coach because she looks up to him as a father figure and does not want to disappoint him.

Lindsey and her Mother bicker a lot at the beginning of the episode which drives Lindsey to spend a lot of time at Forest’s house where she would preferably like to live full time.  She insists that it would be the right thing for them to do when starting a family.

It is baby shopping time and Lindsey goes out to look for supplies for the baby yet she is a bit surprised and upset to see how much everything costs.  She knows that being seven months pregnant and working extra shifts at McDonald’s is not enough to buy more than a crib for the baby.  She then approaches Forest about getting a job over dinner with his parents, as well as them potentially living together.  Forest’s parents, especially his Mother Dora, are not keen on either idea and would prefer that Forest focus on homework and school.  However, Forest reluctantly says that he will start looking for jobs.

After a week of Forest not looking however and Lindsey busting her butt the two get into an argument on the phone ending with Forest hanging up on Lindsey and Lindsey beginning to have contractions.  She tries to reach Forest but cannot get him.

The poor girl ends up in the hospital and is allowed to return home under strict bed rest, meaning that she can no longer work.  Forest finally texts Lindsey and the two make up against everyone else’s better judgment.

The episode concludes with Lindsey going into premature labor of a baby girl Aniyah and Forest and Lindsey moving in together.  Lindsey also determines to take up cage fighting again and introduces her new baby girl to her startled coach.  No one is happy about Lindsey wanting to train again and neither is anyone else.  However, with Lindsey’s grueling schedule what is one more thing?  She determines that Forest can take care of Aniyah while she is training.

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