“The View” Reveals Friends of “GMA” Top Ratings

Wednesday on “The View” was just as exciting as it always is, with the hot topics of the day ranging from a doctor who declares that he has evidence that there’s a G-spot to who is offering a million dollars for proof that popular quarterback, Tim Tebow, is not a virgin, and on to how the Kardashians just became 40 million dollars richer.

Next up on the show, guest Joel McHale tells about the battle between Chevy Chase and the designer of show “Community” coming to an end, and whether or not the program will be back next season. Also interesting was his exposure of Barbara getting steamy on “The Soup.”

The second guest today, Marilu Henner, revealed her rare medical condition and tells how it helps her to remember and appreciate every single day of her life.  She also talks about how she loves to play mind games with her children.

As the episode comes to an end, the British pop group, The Wanted, share their story about how Justin Bieber’s team has helped them put a sexy new twist on their return as a boy band.  They sang their hit “Glad You Came” as the studio audience offered up screams of praise for the performance as well as screamed when they heard the news that they would all go home with a copy of “The Wanted” album as well as Malibu’s book, “Total Memory Makeover.”

The next show of the week kept the attention of viewers as the hot topics session about Lindsay Lohan’s role in a new movie as Liz Taylor and political hits about Romney’s wife being the key to the White House for him, quickly moved on to the welcoming of friends from “Good Morning America,” the ABC morning show that made history after 16 years this week, as it knocked NBC’s “Today Show” out of the top spot in the ratings for TV morning news shows.

George Stephanopoulos, Josh Elliot, Lara Spencer, and Robin Roberts all appeared on the show as they continued to give props to Robin for her 10 year anniversary on “GMA” as co-anchor.  The team also revealed their plans to add an additional show to air later in the day on ABC as they seem to have finally hit on a team that will keep them at the top of the ratings chart.

As “The View” on crime heats up, guest, Judge Jeanine Pirro, offers up evidence that could help George Zimmerman, as well as clues that could help in the search for Isabel Mercedes Celis. To continue the theme of crime, a forensic expert shared the CSI technology that helps to solve the crimes that have been hitting the headlines.

The exciting episode ends with Ian Drew, as he offered up the Celebrity Tweets of the week for Bethanny, the Beibs, and Borat lately.  The Twitter-verse is a popular place these days and you can count on the ABC phenomenal talk, news, political and sometimes controversial “View”  to bring it to viewers.

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