“The Glee Project” – Season 2

“The Glee Project” has come back to its second season with 14 aspiring Glee hopefuls for the original “Glee” series on FOX.

The format of the show has remained the same, from season one to season two. However, there are two more contestants this season, putting it at 13 contestants to be eliminated in 11 episodes. There are more contestants and more episodes than there were in season one, giving viewers more to come back to watch.

The first episode of season two has already premiered. It offered a peek at Lea Michele, who helped oversee the theme of “Individuality” for the show.

Ryan Murphy, the co-creator for the show “Glee”, said there would not be multiple winners for the show this year. He added that this season would be much, much harder, because there would only be one winner. He said this in reference to the fact that there were four winners from the “Glee Project” last season: Samuel Larsen, Alex Newell, Damian McGinty and Lindsay Pearce all won from season one.

In the premier episode of season two, Michele picked Shanna as the winner. The song was “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. Michele liked Dani, but told her that she would have to show more of her individuality.

For the group video song, “Here I Go Again”, by White Snake, viewers saw Tyler struggle with his new  body, as a transgender. Taryn struggled, and Maxfield wasn’t heard as well as the music.

Shanna, however, impressed Nikki Anders, the vocal coach. This got her high marks with Anders and Robert Ulrich, the shows director.

For the week, and the first show, the bottom three picks came out to be: Aylin, who was said to have lost her personal presence during the music video, Maxfield and Tyler. Maxfield and Tyler were actually given last chance performances to be done in front of Ulrich, Murphy and Zach Woodlee, a choreographer. They were almost sent home by Anders. Murphy said that he was not impressed with Tyler’s vocal skills, and sent them both home. Maxfield, however, was did not earn a call-back.

This has gotten a response from early fans of Maxfield. Fans have stated that Maxfield could sing, although he does lack the training and experience necessary to give his performances an edge. They have also said that the “Glee Project” has not done a lot of country music, and Maxfield could have brought a little country to the show. Some fans also said that he was very attractive, and that they thought he should have stayed on the show a little longer.

With Maxfield’s elimination, that still leaves Abraham, Mario, Ali, Michael, Aylin, Blake, Nellie, Charlie, Dani, Shanna, Taryn, Lily Mae and Tyler. Fans will just have to wait and see who stays and who goes as the season progresses.

Viewers are encouraged to join a contestant’s team, or complete a mission, in support or participation for the show.

The “Glee Project” airs on the television channel Oxygen, Tuesday nights, at 10:00 pm, central standard time.

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